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...Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion”....

RUMAN PULANS CATHERINE DENE YVONNE FU IA f JO REPULCIO ROMAN POLANSKI'S “REPULSION" 77 66 AN ABSOLUTE KNOCKOUT OF A MOVIE IN THE PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR LINE HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED BY ROMAN POLANSKI IN HIS FIRST ENGLISH-LANGUAGE FILM. 99 young drinn agend the edge f adon by he violince han ovn desires/ ROMAN POLANSKIS REPULSION -NEW YORK TIMES, 1965 Soepyy PLAND nd MAC hidd h t CATHERINE DENEDVE OAN A RO FLNG ARMATIONAL PRESENTAON MAIN CAST Carole Ledoux... played by Catherine Deneuve Hélène Ledoux... played by Yvonne Furneaux TONS Michael John... Colin... played by lan Hendry played by John Fraser OVERVIEW: REPULSION IS A 1965 BRITISH PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR FILM DIRECTED BY ROMAN POLANSKI THAT CHRONICLES ONE BEAUTIFUL, BUT TROUBLED WOMAN'S DESCENT INTO MADNESS. OFTEN SHOT IN DISTORTED SEQUENCES THAT PARALLEL THE MENTAL COMPLEXITIES OF THE MAIN CHARACTER, REPULSION IS THE FIRST ENGLISH FEATURE FILM DEBUT OF ROMAN POLANSKI. "AH, THE BEAUTIFUL, YOUNGER SISTER. COMMENT ÇA VA?" MICHAEL JOHN REPULSION PLOT POINTS: Carole Ledoux is an attractive, highly-guarded Belgian woman who works as a manicurist in London, and lives in ă flat with her sister, Helen Although admired by many men, Carole is repulsed by sexuality and constantly rejects the affections of one suitor in particular, Colin Carole also despises her sister's (married) lover, Michael, who frequents the flat on occasion When Helen and Michael go on holiday together, Carole is left with the delusions of her own mind, and quickly starts to unravel Tortured by the state of her own mind, Carole leaves her job and starts to hallucinate scenarios of intense nature, some of which involve rape The film peaks when Carole kills her suitor, Colin, in her apartment upon his impromptu visit, and places his body in the bathtub Soon after, her landlord comes to collect rent, and Is also killed by Carole after he makes sexual advances towards her "Repulsion" draws to an end when Helen and Michael return from holiday to discover the dead bodies, along with Carole, who is still alive but in a catatonic state. The last scene pans out on a family photograph on the mantel shows Carol as a girl, turned towards a male figure in the photograph with a menacing, ice-cold glare THE END SYMBOLS & STYLE RECURRING SYMBOLS.. 12 CLOCKS TICKING BELLS RINGING HEARTS THUMPING WALLS THAT CRACK AND CRUMBLE HANDS REACHING OUT FROM THE WALLS AND FROM DARKNESS Other critics note Carole's Some critics believe the film alludes to the idea the Carole's FATHER sexually-abused her as a child, which serves as the BASIS of her neuroses and BREAKDOWN. repeated usage of particular ITĖMS that RELATÉ to her sister's boyfriend MICHAEL, along with his PRESENCE, which provokes Carole in the beginning of the film. REPULSION REVIEWS REPULSION IS WIDELY-ACCLAIMED AS A CLASSIC OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER GENRE. 100% OF 48 FILM CRITICS HAVE GIVEN REPULSION A POSITIVE REVIEW, WITH A RATING AVERAGE OF 8.8 0OUT OF 10. 100% -ROTTEN TOMATOES METACRITIC ASSIGNS AN AVERAGE SCORE OUT OF 100 REVIEWS FROM MAINSTREAM CRITICS: REPULSION SCORED 91 OUT 100 -BASED ON 7 REVIEWS "102 MOVIES YOU MUST SEE.. - Jim Emerson, Chicago Sun-Times "Mr. Polanski uses slow camera movements, a soundtrack carefully composed of distracting, repetitive noises and, once Carol barricades herself in the cramped, dark apartment, explicitly expressionistic effects to depict a plausible schizophrenic episode." -Dave Kehr, American film critic ACCOLADES Repulsion won both the FIPRESCI prize and the Silver Berlin Bear-Extraordinary Jury Prize n T965, at the 15th Berlin International Film Festival Silver Berlin Bear- FIPRESCI prize Extraordinary Jury Prize in Best Black and White Repulsion was additionally nominated for a Cinematography THE FILM IS CONSIDERED A MAJOR STEPPING STONE FOR POLANSKI'S ENTRY INTO WESTERN EUROPEAN CINEMATOGRAPHY THE END sources: jpg 2CFackU/UCPM9CK6ITI/ÅAAAAAAAlmQ/Yhx YscUnwhA/s400/repulsion_crack-in-wall.jpg|Nt8Ik YI/AAAAAAAAAQQ/FpyW5AFpNX4/s400/repulsion.jpg

...Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion”....

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“An absolute knockout of a movie in the psychological horror line has been accomplished by Roman Polanski in his first English-language film.” MAIN CAST - -Carole Ledoux...played by Catherine Dene...




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