Roadmap to Tradeshow Success

ROADMAP TO TRADESHOW SUCCESS HOW TO BE A TRADE SHOW ROCKSTAR Your total trade show cost will be the cost of the exhibit space. CONSERVE BUDGET Swag Pays Back... Typical trade show cost breakdown: $25,000 for a 10'x20' booth plus booth graphics, print collateral, furniture, shipping, electricity, WiFi, carpet, travel, and booth staff wages. * $25,000/18 Hrs the Show is Open= $1,389/Hr * With Swag- Giving Away 90/Hr at $5 Each * Generates 30 Leads/Hr = $46/Lead * Cost Goes to $33,000/18 Hrs = $1,833/Hr * Cost for Swag= $8,000 * Generates 90 Leads/Hr = $20/Lead Billions of dollars are wasted every year as most exhibitors spend their money on trade show giveaways that don't resonate with prospects. Allocate a good amount of your budget for your staffers. 85% of an exhibitor's success Rent the right amount of exhibit space. Plan for a minimum of 50 square feet lies in the performance of the staff. for each staffer at your booth. SAVE TIME Find a promo and swag that work across multiple shows, so you don't have to create, source, and buy promo materials and swag for every trade show. Use digital gift cards to save time and money. Stop worrying about choosing promotional products and ordering with enough time to ship to the show. Digital gift cards can be customized to each attendee, and are available anytime, anywhere, and with short notice. GIFT CARD Don't focus only on saving your time, save your potential customers' time. 85% of decision makers say attending trade shows saves their company time and money by bringing vendors together under one roof. The average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing exhibits at a trade show. Make sure you have a way to digitally capture a visitor's contact information. Have an iPad set up or a computer that can easily gather their contact information. STAND OUT BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THE SHOW 45% of trade show attendees are drawn to a company's exhibit as the direct result of a personal invitation (via direct mail, e-mail, or telephone), trade journal publicity, or pre-show advertising. FOOD GIFT CARD The usual swag is good but consider giving out more desirable gifts, like gift cards to local businesses, nationwide retailers, or online stores. Offer a free gift for visiting your booth Use social media, especially Twitter, to engage with attendees and invite them to your booth. Make sure to use the show's hashtag, and consider adding one of your own. Physical giveaways are a hassle to GIFT CARD bring back home. A digital gift card has no weight or volume. 92% 46% trade show attendees are in executive or upper of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. management positions. According to the Trade Show Bureau, as many as 83% of exhibitors do not engage in any sort of organized post-exhibition marketing to trade show visitors. Don't be one of them! On average, trade show visitors tell 6+ people about their experience. Capture these people by finding a way to engage them after the show. In a survey conducted by™: 85% 85% of exhibitors never follow up in any form. 15% Of the 15% who do follow up, some take over 50 days to do so. 62% 62% of the firms who followed up did so within two weeks. These firms were most successful, as even hot leads can turn cold quickly. At one company, sales people were told to do nothing but follow up with leads. By following up immediately after the show, one salesperson turned 95% of show leads into appointments. 95% GENERATE AND QUALIFY LEADS 92% DO Mario Jersey Gronhle Artist A PROMOTION THAT REQUIRES Talk to everyone! Again, 92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products. So almost anyone you talk to is a prospective customer. Garit Lee Aiomey Matt Smith Darren Martin roe e DR ley.CT Dentist CONTACT 1967 Man St Sute23 34 Bagle Sara Williams duct Managet W 3455 Vatsonvile. C 00 123-4532 INFORMATION Kevin Dahl AS A Delwae DR appy Valley.CT REQUIREMENT FOR ENTRY. 20% 81% All sales at the show should be discounted by at least 20%. Have a simple way for visitors to capitalize on that opportunity like a promo code or gift card. of trade show attendees have buying authority. Which means more than 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors. MEASURE RESULTS How do you know if your trade show booth was a success? Calculate how many leads you generated for your sales pipeline and compare them to your total cost. Converting a trade show lead to a sale costs 38% less than sales calls alone. Trade shows promote brand awareness. Measure this by the change in direct organic visitors on your website. A direct organic visitor reaches your site by simply typing your brand name. Visitors: 23,451,087 Did your social media following and engagement grow? in You S Bē TubeórG.dpuf Sources: CEIR: The Spend Decision: Analyzing How Exhibits Fit Into The Overall Marketing Budget Exhibit Surveys, Inc. -plan-trade-show-marketing-and-logistics/#sthash.bMMd6Pwi.dpuf sales-management-training/are-your-salespeople-squandering-tradeshow-leads/ uitee Local Gifts, On-the-Go ---------

Roadmap to Tradeshow Success

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Tradeshows are all about being memorable and generating buzz. This infographic goes over the keys to capitalizing on your tradeshow exhibit.



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