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The Rise of the Young Rich

THE RISE OF THE YOUNG RICH ARE TOP EXECUTIVE OFFICES IN TECHNOLOGY A YOUNG PERSON'S GAME? THE TECH INDUSTRY BOASTS SOME OF THE YOUNGEST AND RICHEST CEOS IN THE WORLD. WHY IS THIS SO? IS THE TECH INDUSTRY ONLY FOR THE YOUNG AND STRONG? HERE WE EXAMINE SOME OF THE YOUNGEST AND RICHEST CHIEF EXECUTIVES OUT THERE. The IT Crowd AMONG THE TECH BILLIONAIRES ON THE FORBES 500, THERE ARE II THAT ARE 40 AND YOUNGER, AND 5 THAT HAVE NOT YET PASSED THEIR 36TH BIRTHDAY. 89 BILLIONAIRES FROM THE TECH INDUSTRY HAVE MADE IT TO THE FORBES 500. TOTAL NET WORTH: $405.4 BILLION CURRENTLY, 8.9% OF BILLIONAIRES ON THE FORBES 500 ARE 40 AND YOUNGER. ONLY 2.2% ARE 35 AND YOUNGER. 8.8% 2.2% 50 100 OF THE YOUNG BILLIONAIRES ON THE FORBES LIST, 45% OF THE 35 AND YOUNGER CROWD HAIL FROM THE TECH WORLD. SO DO 25% OF THE 40 AND YOUNGER SET. 45% 25% 50 100 THE NUMBER OF YOUNG TECH BILLIONAIRES ON THE FORBES 500 HAS BEEN INCREASING SINCE 2005. 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 6. 10 Tech Does It Best THE TECH INDUSTRY STILL BOASTS THE YOUNGEST MEDIAN AGE AMONG ALL THE INDUSTRIES ON THE FORBES 500. INDUSTRY MEDIAN AGE NET WORTH 52 TECHNOLOGY $405 DLLION METAL & MINING $335 BLION ENGINEERING S76 BILLION TELECOM SI37 BILLION ENERGY $398 8LLION DIVERSIFIED $253 8ILION HEALTHCARE SI05 BILLION MANUFACTURING $251 BILLION INVESTMENTS $525 BILLION FINANCE $215 BILLION LOGISTICS $94 BILLION AUTOMOTIVE $63 BILLION REAL ESTATE $305 BLION FASHION & RETAIL $628 BLLION FOOD & BEVERAGE $210 BILLION GAMING $57 BLION 57 MEDIA $244 BILLION 57 Meet the All Stars BELOW ARE SOME OF THE YOUNGEST AND BRIGHTEST STANDOUTS OF THE UNDER FORTY TECH BILLIONAIRE CROWD. Sean Parker Larry Page $19.8 BILLION CO-FOUNDER, GOOGLE Mark Zuckerberg $3.5 BILLION CEO, FACEBOOK 27 $1.6 BILLION FORMER FACEBOOK PRESIDENT 31 38 Sergey Brin $19.8 BILLION CO-FOUNDER, GOOGLE 37 Dustin Moskovitz Yoshikazu Tanaka $2.7 BILLION CEO, ASANA $2.7 BILLION FOUNDER,GREE 34 27 The Tech Playground WHY ARE THERE SO MANY YOUNG CEO BILLIONAIRES IN TODAY'S TECH INDUSTRIES? SIMPLY, TECH INDUSTRIES FAVOR THE YOUNG MOVERS AND SHAKERS. HERE IS WHY. DIY INDUSTRY TASTE MAKERS Many of these young CEOS have achieved their positions by forming their own companies and simply calling themselves "CEO." Tech has long been a favorable industry for startups-particularly for the young entrepreneur. The tech industry favors younger leaders because they have their fingers on the pulse of what's new and what's next. Many of these tech billionaires know how to draw in early adoptees of technology because many of the early adopters are their peers. OPEN MIND RISK TAKERS Today's CEOS have a better understanding of technology and globalization than the generation of CEOS twenty years ago. This is because they grew up immersed within a period of rapid technological growth. People who become CEOS at a young age are unafraid to take risks and look for new opportunities to stand out. These CEOS tend to thrive on the fast paced excitement of entrepreneurial tech. FOCUS Sources: Forbes I Businessweek I HuffingtonPost I Economist I CFO I USAToday I Bloomberg HOW THESE YOUNG GUNS COMPARE WITH THE FORBES 500

The Rise of the Young Rich

shared by aleks on Jul 12
The tech industry boasts some of the youngest and richest CEO's in the world. Why is this the case? Is the tech industry only for the young and strong? This infographic examines some of the youngest a...




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