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Rise Of The Young CEO

BROU GHT TO YOU BY CEO DOMO RISE OF THE .com YOUNG CEO IS THE C- SUITE ROBBING THE CRADLE? The rise of the tech and Internet industries has enabled executives to get to the corner office quicker than ever. Who are these young executives, and are they as fit to run their organizations as their older colleagues? IS IT JUST US, OR ARE CEOS GETTING YOUNGER? The Most Common Traits of the Current S&P 500 CEO White Ivy League Graduate 55 probably has an undergraduate degree in engineering Male Years old Yet, the Average Age of the CEO is Declining. 61 Since 1980, the 60 59 average age of the top Fortune 100 56 yrs. 58 57 59 yrs. 56 CEOS has decreased 55 by three years, from 54 59 to 56. 1980 1990 2000 2013 2020 BROUGHT TO YOU WHAT TO EXPECT DOMO FROM A YOUNG CEO ONE: DIFFERING CHARACTERISTICS YOUNGER CEOS OLDER CEOS TEND TO BE MORE: TEND TO BE MORE: energetic, innovative and willing to take certain risks experienced, skilled at managing people and processes and balanced in judgment TWO: MORE SOCIAL By far, Linkedin was considered the most valuable by both groups More than twice as many under-50 On the other hand, both agreed CEOS categorize Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, blogs, YouTube, and Flipboard as "very valuable" than do over-50 CEOS, that Google+, with less than 15% CEO support from either age category, offers little value for (with the younger crowd still 40% higher). business. C2x in 8+ THREE: MORE TECH-FOCUSED 19% of Technology and Internet Companies that had IPOS in the U.S. in 201 were led More public company CEOS 40 years old and under lead organizations involved in technology products or services than work in any other industry. by CEOS who were under 40 at the time. 19 FOUR: MORE AGGRESSIVE GROWTH BY WITHDRAWN CORPORATE ACQUISITION OFFERS RESTRUCTURING Young CEOS are 4% more likely to initiate an acquisition. Young CEOS are 20% more likely to withdraw an offer once an Having a young CEO increases the chances of restructuring an organization by 10-15%. acquisition has begun. BROUGHT TO YOU BY ARE YOUNG CEOS DOMO EFFECTIVE LEADERS? According to USA Today, the S&P 500 companies run by the youngest CEOS have been outperforming those run by the oldest. - CEOS UNDER 47 - OVERALL S&P 500 CEOS - CEOS 72 & OLDER Company stock for S&P 50O -2.8% 0% companies with CEOS -5% younger than 47 were down -9% 24 an average 2.8% over 19 -10% months vs. a 9% decline in -15% the overall S&P 500 index. -21% -20% Companies with CEOS who -25% were 72 and older were down an average of 21%. Month O Month 6 Month 12 Month 18 FORBES MOST POWERFUL CEOS FORTY AND UNDER Larry Page, Google 40 years old Market Cap: $257.47B Net Worth $23B Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook 29 years old Market Cap: $65.82B Net Worth: $13.3B Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! 38 years old Market Cap: $25.15B Net Worth: $300 million Facebook went public when Zuckerberg was just 27, making him the youngest CEO at a Fortune 1000 company to do so, according to The WSJ. A NEW KIND OF LEADERSHIP There's a growing trend of casual leadership styles that have become popular among young CEOS. Technorati says an "informal, irreverent, and brutally honest" tone is not uncommon among the younger generation of CEOS. Yet, a casual approach to business needs something more to make it successful. More and more, we're finding young CEOS are interacting with more seasoned CEOS, closely pairing themselves with their board of directors for advice on how to run a company. Through this combination, more companies are getting the best of both worlds. SOUR CES: BROU GHT TO YOU BY EMORY UNIVERSITY FORBES CEO SAUDER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DOMO SPENCER STUART TECHNORATI THE WALL STREET JOURNAL .com USA TODAY Dомо.COM

Rise Of The Young CEO

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The rise of the tech and internet industries has enabled executives to get to the corner office quicker than ever. Who are these young executives, and are they as fit to run their organizations as the...



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