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The Rise of Video Interviewing

Human Resources THE RISE of VIDEO INTERVIEWING The TROUBLE with TRADITIONAL HIRING PRACTICES 45 Average Time to Hire a New Position DAYS V Receive candidates online app A-1 Company Inc. Current Openings V Conduct phone interviews V Conduct final interviews V Make job offer Average Cost-Per-Hire Range $1,300 - $5,000 $250,000 The cost to replace employees can be as much as 400% of their annual salary* $50,000 *depending on career level R50,000 One in four companies said bad hiring cost them over $50,000 00000 00000 A Harvard study found that 80% of employee turnover can be attributed to mistakes in the hiring process The typical phone screen takes 30 minutes 90 seconds is the time it takes most recruiters to know if a candidate will be a good fit 2 TYPES of VIDEO INTERVIEWS One-Way Video Interviews Productive. Employers can do 10 VIDEO SCREENS in the time it takes to do 1 PHONE SCREEN O vs Convenient Scheduling headaches are history because Candidates can record their answers to the written questions anytime Employers can review the video anytime One-way interviews can even be recorded straight from mobile devices with the Spark Hire app Economical The employer saves money by reducing the costs associated with traditional hiring practices TWO-WAY VIDEO INTERVIEWS Convenient Allows for face-to-face interviews without the hassles of scheduling and travel Revealing Enables employers to pick up a candidate's important non-verbal cues Recordable Employers can record REC interviews for later playback Shareable Recorded interviews can be accessed by other colleagues involved in hiring Economical Employers can save as much as 67% on the travel costs associated with hiring spark Hire %24 SOURCES:

The Rise of Video Interviewing

shared by comerecommended on Apr 17
Traditional interviews are not only a hassle when it comes to scheduling a time that works for both parties, but it can also be an expensive process -- that's where the video interview comes in. Not o...


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