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Ripe for the Picking: Why Aren't Brands Accessing Online Video Ads?

..OR, WHY I HATE INFOGRAPHICS RIPE FOR THE PICKING: WHY AREN'T BRANDS ACCESSING ONLINE VIDEO ADS? BUY! THE GREAT SHIFT: FR OM TV TO ONLINE VIDEO VIEWING BOLD CLAIM SO POTENTIALLY 66% WILL WATCH LESS GIVEN THAT 95% OF 66% 44% 35% PEOPLE WATCH TV HOW DOES THIS SUPPORT THE IDEA OF A WHOLESALE online video viewer watch more online video now than they did a year ago. say they'l online videos in 2011 tch more claim that online video has cut into "SHIFT' TO ONLINE??? than they did in 2010. their TV viewing. CHANGES IN ONLINE VIDEO AND TELEVISION USE I Percent Decrease I Percent Increase -80% -60% -40% -20% +20% +40% +60% +80% WHAT DOES THIS EVEN Online video usage compared to 12 months ago MEAN? THAT TV VIEWING IS 'DOWN 29%'? BECAUSE 5% 66% THAT'S RUBBISH. OR HAVE 29% OF PEOPLE, THINKING Television viewing compared to 12 months ago 29% 19% BACK TO WHAT THEY WERE DOING 12 MONTHS AGO, SAID THEY WATCH LESS TV NOW. BECAUSE THAT'S MEANINGLESS REASONS TO BELIEVE Today, the quality of online videos content is on par with television and viewers can find Viewers' perception of the quality of video content online has improved. Additionally, 50% of respondents felt they more exclusive content online than on TV. could find more exclusive content online than on TV. WITHOUT SEEING THE WORDING OF THE QUESTION WE CAN'T VIEWERS' ATTITUDES TOWARD ONLINE VIDEO VS. TELEVISION QUALITY: INTERPRET THESE XX% Percent that describe TV / Online video as better. ANSWERS. HAVING 'EXCLUSIVE CONTENT' ISN'T NECESARILY A GOOD THING, IF RESPONDENTS INTERPRET 50% 7% 34% 10% IT AS MERELY HAVING STUFF YOU CAN'T WATCH ON TV. I.E. YOUTUBE HAS LOAD S OF 'EXCLUSIVE' STUFF YOU WON'T SEE ON TV Is a great way to stay up-to-date and know what's hot right now Has exclusive content that is not available elsewhere BECAUSE IT'S TERRIBLE 20% 19% 19% 18% Has high-quality content Has content I talk about with friends WATCHING ONLINE VIDEO IS A DAILY ROUTINE: ONLINE VIEWERS ARE MORE ENGAGED WITH ADS: 49% of viewers say they watch online video daily, with 7 hours being the mean timo cn Multi-tasking is more pervasive when watching television ads than when watching online video ads. 70% of viewers say they watch program clips that are shorter than 5 minutes in length, making it easy to believe that short-form content reigns supreme online, 58% of viewers do things around the house when ads come on TV versus 26% for ads online. SO IF PEOPLE ARE WATCHING <5MINUTE 60% or viewers watch oTme video Decause they can watch it whenever they want. CLIPS ONLINE HOW DOES THIS COMPETE WITH TV'S OFFERING OF 30+ MINUTE PROGRAMMING? MISSING THE ADVERTISEMENTS ISN'T IT 2 DIFFERENT THINGS? Perhaps most importantly to marketers, consumers skip more ads when watching recorded TV than when watching online video. PERCENT OF ADVERTISEMENTS SKIPPED WHEN WATCHING RECORDED TV PROGRAMS: 8% 50% to < 75% IF THIS IS BASED PURELY ON RECALL 5% 25% to < 50% 32% Never / NA THEN IT'S UTTER 49% 75% or more RUBBISH 5% < 25% PERCENT OF ADVERTISEMENTS SKIPPED WHEN WATCHING ONLINE VIDEO: 12% 50% to < 75% 18% 25% to < 50% 23% Never / NA 29% 75% or more 18% < 25% I STRONGLY SUSPECT THE REASON THEY 62% 82% HAVEN'T PUT A FIGURE FOR ONLINE ONLY IS When a viewer is exposed to an ad campaig across multiple screens, the amount of view increase dramatically. Brand recall increases 62% for ads seen solely on television to 82% for ads viewed BECAUSE IT IS LESS across both TV and online.* THAN TV'S 62% *Exposure based on a 30 day window. TV TV + Online THIS IS WHERE A DECENT PIECE OF RESEARCH WOULD Heavy online video viewers can't be reached only with TV. Viewers are reducing their television viewing, yet increasing their online video viewing, which indicates it will be even more difficult to reach these viewers via television-only ad campaigns in the future. INCLUDE NOTES ON SAMPLE SIZE / METHODOLOGY ETC BuySellAds. Sources: | ‚óŹ I||

Ripe for the Picking: Why Aren't Brands Accessing Online Video Ads?

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This infographic provides information for the online ad buying industry and explains the skeptics among media agencies to buying ads online. This infogrphic provides the statistical data to show that ...


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