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A Retailer's Guide to Webrooming

BRICK AND MORTAR STORES ARE FEELING THE HEAT FROM ONLINE RETAILERS, RETAILER'S ESPECIALLY WITH CUSTOMERS BROWSING IN-STORES AND THEN BUYING ONLINE. • GUIDE• BUT THE "SHOWROOMING" EFFECT IS to NOT THE ONLY WAY SHOPPERS ARE CHANGING THEIR BUYING HABITS. See how reverse-showrooming or WEBROOMING 'webrooming' is shifting the opportunity back to the brick and mortar stores, and some tips on how your store can take advantage. WEBROOMING Vs. SHOWROOMING BROWSE BROWSE ONLINE IN-STORES BUY BUY IN-STORES ONLINE BY AGE % OF WEBROOMERS AND SHOWROOMERS 69% 18-36 50% 71% 37-48 53% 69% 49-67 44% 62% 68+ 33% BY GENDER % OF WEBROOMERS AND SHOWROOMERS 75% MEN 53% 63% WOMEN 40% SIX IN TEN NEARLY NINE IN TEN WEBROOMERS HAVE SHOWROOMERS HAVE SHOWROOMED WEBROOMED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES HERE ARE A FEW WAYS TO CAPITALIZE ON CONSUMER MOTIVATIONS FOR WEBROOMING. When asked "Why would you look online for an item before going to the physical store to make a purchase?", consumers responded with the following: "I DON'T WANT TO "I WANT TO CHECK AN "I DON'T WANT TO WAIT 47% 42% 23% PAY FOR SHIPPING" ITEM'S AVAILABILITY FOR THE PRODUCT TO ONLINE BEFORE I BE DELIVERED" PURCHASE IT IN-STORE" WHAT YOU CAN DO: A ... Offer coupons and savings for DETAILS customers who visit your website NEW and purchase in-store BOOTS B... Even if you do not have an DRESS SHOES ecommerce website allowing COLOURS SANDLES individuals to purchase online, SNEAKERS your business' website should STORE AVAILABILITY include product descriptions and availability O 10 IN STOCK • Be proactive and alert customers PICKUP IN-STORE 15% OFF FOR IN-STORE PURCHASES O 8 IN STOCK about last-chance items and PICKUP IN-STORE restocking inventory c ... Offer online ordering with in-store pickup .. Make sure in-store inventory matches what is placed online "I LIKE TO GO TO A "I LIKE THE OPTION OF "I WILL ASK THE STORE 46% 37% 36% STORE TO TOUCH AND BEING ABLE TO RETURN TO PRICE MATCH THE FEEL A PRODUCT THE ITEM TO THE STORE BETTER PRICE I FOUND BEFORE I BUY IT" IF I NEED TO" ONLINE" WHAT YOU CAN DO: D... Tactile qualities are a key selling point and help close the sale .· Encourage testing the product in-store .. Be aware of the entire product experience .• What are customers hearing, smelling, and seeing in your store? E ... Reassure customers that they can return items hassle-free, whether they purchase online or in-store * Avoid returns in the first place with knowledgeable customer service .· Expert advice directs customers to the product RETURNS ACCEPTED FROM BOTH that best suits their needs ONLINE AND IN-STORE PURCHASES ... Consider price-matching especially during the holidays • Offer free wifi to encourage product research in-store to0 • Merge customers' online and in-store purchase histories .• Convert showroomers by driving traffic towards your store's site, moving customer-loyalty $99 programs to an app, and $89 integrating online social engagement into the store (Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook) DID YOU KNOW? NEARLY 90% OF NEARLY 80% THOSE PURCHASES OF LOCAL BEING... ROUGHLY SEARCHES ON THREE-FOURTHS AND MOST In a physical store (76%) OF THOSE MOBILE DEVICES (63%) (73%) PURCHASES TURN INTO HAPPENED HAPPENED THE WITHIN A FEW On the phone (16%) PURCHASES SAME DAY HOURS Online (11%) IMPROVING IN-STORE SALES PRODUCT REVIEWS SALES TRAINING EMPOWERING YOUR STAFF IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WAYS TO INCREASE IN-STORE SALES AND TURN SHOWROOMERS INTO CUSTOMERS ***** 3 OUT OF 5 ***** consumers currently believe they know more about pricing, discounts, and product availability than the sales associates 85% 54% of millennial shoppers report researching their product before making a purchase of consumers stated that a knowledgeable sales associate PROVIDING AN OVERVIEW OF THE CURRENT ONLINE REVIEW was the number one offering that would compel them to make SCORES IN YOUR STORE CAN ASSIST INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE their purchase in-store LOOKING FOR INSIGHT FROM PEERS HOWEVER YOU DECIDE TO ADAPT FOR WEBROOMERS, KEEP ALL CHANNELS UNIFIED. The omni-channel experience is powerful when used correctly by retailers so make sure web, mobile, and in-store channels blend seamlessly for the customer. SOURCES Merchant Warehouse

A Retailer's Guide to Webrooming

shared by merchantwarehouse on May 13
The popularity of Web-based shopping has adversely affected brick-and-mortar stores, but a change in the way consumers make purchases may give traditional retailers a fighting chance. Showrooming, the...


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