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Remove Carpet Stain

CNF CLEAN & FIX SERVICES REMOVE THE PESKY CARPET STAIN A expert's guide in treating or removing carpet stains in your home PAINT STAINS If the paint is already dried you should try using water and a toothbrush to wash it. If the stain persists, try a commercial cleaner paint remover you can easily find in any shop. BLOOD Wipe the fresh blood first with a dry, white cloth, or absorbent paper that is not tinted. Spread the raw starch over the stain. Then, using this method, you 'd pour water over it, wait for it to dry, and then vacuum up anything left. VOMIT STAINS Bicarbonate of soda will clean the vomit stain and will deodorize it. Simply scoop up what you can, then cover the area, when completely dry, with bicarb and vacuum. CHOCOLATE Before launch, scrape off as much as possible. Mix 4 drop laundry detergent with 3 cups of water to create mixture. Rub the stain in a circular motion using the mixture and a clean cloth. Then allow it to sit for a couple of minutes and then rise with cold water. WINE STAINS Immediately after spilling the wine try to remove wine as possible by blotting with a clean cloth. Than pour on some soda water or white wine to dilute and lift the color, then gently dab (not smear!) to soak up moisture with a clean cloth. When dry cover with salt and vacuum. For more information or any query regarding cleaning go to:

Remove Carpet Stain

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Pets, small kids, or sometimes due to our own clumsiness can be the reason for an unsightly stain on the carpet. However, with a little care and the right process and supplies, even the most stubborn ...


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