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Relocation and the Tech Space

RELOCATION AND THE TECH SPACE The relocation and technology industries have a lot in common. Both specialize in making the lives of others easier. Both industries are constantly changing and evolving. Both industries are advaricing. And both industries are growing. A lot. Take a look at the numbers. See for yourself. PRESENTED BY UB URBANBOUND. RELOCATION THE AVERAGE OVERALL NUMBER OF RELOCATIONS 50-99 A COMPANY HAS E ACH YEAR IS Companies with less than 500 employees have an average of Companies with 500 to 4,999 employees have an average of Companies with 5,000+ employees have an average of 10-19 50-99 200-399 relocations each year. relocutions each year. relocutions each year. 41% of firms saw relocation volumes increase over the past 2 years. 25% of companies presume they'll experience further growth 47% of companies saw their overall budget for relocation increase in 2014. 45% of companies anticipate that their relocation budget will increuse even further in 2015. THE REASON FOR THESE INCREASES? of companies anticipate a better financial performance in 2015 than they did in 2014. / Companies predicting a better rating of the U.S. economy in 2015 than they did in 2014 51% 67% of companies anticipate to at least stay the / Companies predicting at least the same 29% 44% rating of the U.S. economy: same. / Companies predicting a worse economic rating Only 4% anticipate a worse financial performance. Only 5% HOW DO EMPLOYERS COVER RELOCATION COSTS? Regardless of size, around half of come aludair employees-even executives and experienced professionals-lump sums. The average 10,000-014,000- to cover location cost for companies of $14,999. ? WHAT'S COVERED? EXPENSES FOR WHICH LUMP SUM IS TYPICALLY OFFERED PERCENTAGE OF EMPLOYERS COVERING THE EXPENSE Entire Relocation Cost 43% Travel Expenses 43% Miscellaneous Allowances / 40% Temporary Housing 39% Household Goods Shipping/Storage 37% Rental Assistance/Transactions 32% Real Estute Assistance/Transactions 28% Other 4% TECHNOLOGY THE AVERAGE AMERICAN ADULT SPENDS 11 11 HOURS HOURS PER DAY PLUGGED INTO TECHNOLOGY. A A A A 300 apps are created every day 82 BILLION APPS were downloaded worldwide in 2013, and generated S25 BILLION. 100 HOURS are uploaded to YouTube every minute. 2 NEW USERS JOIN FACEBOOK EVERY SECOND. YouTube reaches more U.S. adults from ages 18-34 THAN ANY CABLE NETWORK. THERE IS OVER 1 EXABYTE OF DATA IN THE CLOUD: Over half of the copital allacated to IT budgets is spent on cloud computing, 1,073,741,824 GB and total cloud spending is predicted to upprouch $100 million in 2016. 90% OF AMERICAN ADULTS OWN A CELL PHONE МOBILE 32% OWN AN E-RE ADER 42% OWNA TABLET COMPUTER 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online. 340% of cell internet users go online mostly using their phones, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls-even when they don't notice their phone ringing or vibrating 44% of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didn't miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. 29 % of cell owners describe their cell phone as something they can't imogine living without. 90% of mobile searches lead to an action, and 50% lead to a purchose. 60% of mobile users expect a website to lood in less than 3 seconds. THE TWO COMBINED MILLENNIALS-- Millennial customers-80 million Jalone-are the most omers to business. TN'INTALS ? WHAT DO MILLENNIALS LIKE? TECHNOLOGY CONVENIENCE МОBILE More than twice as many Millennials as non-Millennials use a mobile device to research products and read user reviews. Millennials even donate to charities and couses through their mobile devices. In fact, among those who donate, nearly 50% do it by phone. So, why do you think it's any different with relocation? Millennials, and all transferees, want to be able to relocate the same way they do everything else in their lives: conveniently. Your transferees don't just want to be able to see something on their phones, either. They want to interact with the platform, and be oble to use it in an accessible way. 25% BY 2017 OF ENTERPRISES WILL HAVE AN ENTERPRISE APP STORE. 82% of mobile media consumption time is through apps, and 18% is from mobile browsers. | IT'S NECESSARY. HAVING A MOBILE PRESENCE IS NO LONGER AN OPTION Don't forget about the importance of big data in relocation, either. 68% OF COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE A STATED BUSINESS ANALYTICS STRATEGY, YET 2.5 BILLION GIGABYTES OF DATA ARE CREATED EVERY DAY. THIS NUMBER DOUBLES EVERY MONTH. GLOBAL DATA IS EXPECTED TO INCREASE BY 40% YEAR OVER YEAR. sO WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH ALL THIS DATA? WE SHOULD BE SEGMENTING THE INFORMATION, AND USING IT TO GUIDE FUTURE BUSINES S DECISIONS. You can also use big data to connect your current employees with new employees. Ask çoworkers questions about their relocation experience or insider tips for their office and city and present the analytics to transferees. This will help make new hires feel immediately connected to their peers. Especially because, 70% OF MILLENNIALS ARE MORE EXCITED ABOUT A DECISION THEY'VE MADE WHEN THEIR FRIENDS AGREE WITH THEM. IB URBANBOUND. www.URBANBOUND.COM SOURCES: http://www.pewinternet org/fact-sheets/mobile-technology-fact-sheet/ 50megatrends-v3 O00000

Relocation and the Tech Space

shared by UrbanBound on Jul 05
Relocation and technology, two of the most fast-paced and important sectors of our economy, have a little bit of work to do on their relationship. A wall has been built between the two industries, lim...





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