Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus

Say What? RECRUITERS ARE FROM MARS JOB SEEKERS ARE FROM VENUS Are job seekers and recruiters living on different planets? Here are a few ways to ensure miscommunication doesn't keep you from your dream job. RECRUITERS SAY: JOB SEEKERS HEAR: "I'll keep your resume on file." "I'Il be actively looking for a job for you." M>> Each corporate job posting receives 250 resumes on average Recruiters spend an 6 SEC average of 6 seconds looking over your resume the Solution: Go to networking events, make new contacts, and follow up with recruiters about specific jobs. RECRUITERS SAY: JOB SEEKERS HEAR: "Call me as much as "I'll be in touch if anything comes up." possible to check in." M>> 94% of recruiters are using social media to screen There are three unemployed persons for every one job applicants TT opening the Solution: Don't overburden recruiters. Instead of constantly asking for a job, keep in contact by sending along an interesting article or connecting on social media. RECRUITERS SAY: JOB SEEKERS HEAR: "Years of B2B sales "Any sales experience will do." experience required." M>> About 50% of job hunters don't have basic 50%) qualifications for the job of companies have open 38%) positions they cannot find talent to fill they're pursuing the Solution: Don't waste time applying for jobs for which you're unqualified. Instead, focus on jobs fitting your experience or go out and expand your skill set. RECRUITERS SAY: JOB SEEKERS HEAR: "Experience in device sales needed." "Your experience in pharma makes you qualified." M>> of human resources of resumes submitted 96%) professionals check references before hiring 46% contain some form of false information the Solution: Not all experience is one-size-fits-all. If you don't have the relevant experience, consider gaining new skills for the positions that interest you. RECRUITERS SAY: JOB SEEKERS HEAR: "Pack your bags kid, you start on Monday!" "We'll be in touch with the decision." M>>V 24 On average it takes about 24.5 working days to fill a position 39 In some sectors, like the tech industry, it takes 38.9 days to fill a position the Solution: Ask recruiters for a timetable and request to be kept in the loop since unexpected roadblocks can lengthen the process. TIPS TO MAKE THE PLANETS ALIGN between RECRUITERS AND CANDIDATES: Always be upfront about your needs and your timetable. Keep in contact, but give recruiters space to breathe. Tell the truth on your resume; a fib can cost you more than you realize. Don't waste time applying for positions you aren't qualified to hold. Be proactive: network, expand your skills, and never stop looking. Sometimes it might seem like recruiters are from Mars and job seekers from Venus, but by taking a few simple steps, it's possible to get on the same page..and the same planet! Medical Sales Jobs & Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs at Sources: erence%20checks.pdf

Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus

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Are job seekers and recruiters from different planets? With unemployed people outnumbering job openings three to one, you’d think recruiters could find the talent they need to fill positions. The pr...



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