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Real Recruitment: A Year in the Life

A year in the life of a Recruiter We only want the very best. On average we spend 78,352 minutes on the phone! We're not faint hearted. We speak with at least 13,000 different people. So how about a career move? Hello, How are you today?'s in Dubai Goodbye Then! That's a lot of hellos, "how are you's and handshakes. A friendly yet professional demeanour is priceless. Chin-wagging is essential to recruiters so they're never short of friends. Over 1100 Cups of Coffee. All those conversations require serious fuel. Recruiter's tongues soon taste the difference between a medium Columbian blend and a dark Sumatra roast. In terms of equipment the kettle comes second only to the phone, computers a close third. 50 Fat K Fridays. The belt-busting office tradition. Cakes, chocolates and takeaways are all on the menu, sometimes all at once. Some companies even have a 'Fat Van' that delivers treats! Annually, we go on 4 Incentive Trips. 3 Big Commision ISSION COMM Cheques. The highest earners can haul in £15,000+ a month in bonuses. For comparison, the UK's average starting salary is £19,899 annually. A recruiter's earnings are mirrored by their ambition! 1 Big Career Promotion. Recruitment Consultants can soon find Senior or Executive added to their title, with Team Leader just around the corner. Becoming Sales Manager may seem miles away, not necessarily. G2V This Infographic was brought to you by G2V Careers. If you've got what it takes to be a recruiter let us know Sources px?HPS-GN_CR_UKSalary CAREERS 1100

Real Recruitment: A Year in the Life

shared by Venn on Nov 23
A breakdown of the average recruitment consultant's annual activities. From coffee consumption to incentive trips, it's surprising what they actually get up to. Save yourself the effort of shadowin...




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