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Quick Guide To Design Your Real Estate Brand Identity With A Logo

QUICK GUIDE TO DESIGN YOUR REAL ESTATE BRAND IDENTITY WITH A LOGO Whether you think that your logo is not your brand or your brand is much more than a logo - note one thing - it all starts with a logo! Only when you have a logo design for your real estate company, you can build, and standardize your corporate identity. A logo accompanies all your branding and marketing material. Types of Real Estate Businesses Property management Residential Commercial Industrial Land Investor No matter what part you play in the industry, you need a brand identity. Real Estate Brand Check the following, if that's what you want: • Reflect your corporate vision and values. • Create brand awareness in local markets. • Grow your realty business globally. • Give your customers a memorable experience. • Build long-term relationships with your clients. • Have a unique selling point and be competitive. • Humanize your brand via personal branding. • Appear confident, competent and professional. • Boost your real estate corporate brand recognition. • Become an influencer or an opinion leader. • Be the first brand preference of the target market. HOW TO BRAND YOUR REAL ESTATE COMPANY WITH YOUR LOGO Your real estate corporate logo is the face of your company. It is the core of your brand. The root that'll flourish your business tree. Logo Design There are three ways to use your logo to create a brand identity. Complete logo 1 3 Parts of logo • Lines Shapes • Typography АBODE Colors of logo 2 REAL ESTATE COMPANY, Visual Communication Design BASIC Business card Letterhead Center Top left PERSON NAME Designation Тор center Bottom right ABODE ABODE ABODE ASTATE COMDANY PERSON NAME Designation Phone: 1-000-000 0000 Fxe 1-000-000-0000 Emaik Website: Address 1 ABCD Street, Some Town, 00000 US Back center Bottom left ABODE PERSON NAME Designation ABODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY АBODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY Top left Watermark Tip: Use new trends to design your visiting cards. Tip: Leave margin space around your logo. Envelope Employee ID cards Horizontal Vertical ABODE ABODE ABODE Steve Brighton Manager Steve Brighton Marketing Minager Тop flap Full-scale Top left Top right Steve Brighton Marketing Manager Top center ABOD ABODE Steve Brighton Marketing Manager Top left Top center Tip: You can use a logo seal or stamp for a unique look. Tip: Use the colors of your logo but leave some white space. OUTDOOR Billboards Hoardings Lorem ipsum dolor sit ainet consectetur ad piscing elit. ABODE Center ALIQUAM SEMPER FELIS ANTE ABODE hterge cowalks turis soteks vai, АВODE ABODE FREE CONSULTANCY - CALL US: 1-0203-0235-856 LIBER AT SAGIS MARS Ousgu qu bnga liginin na ederit in sapion ed thminit Top left FE a rur a et ipediet aide Top right Center right Tip: Adjust size/position of logo according to the measurement of billboard. Tip: Colorful visuals are more attractive. Sale Board Gate nameplate АBODE ABO ABODE ABODE 306 ABODE CALL:1-874-5236-185 АBODE CALL-1874-5236-185 REAL ESTATE cOMPANY Metal H Building Plastic molded Hanging signs Feather frames flags frame boards Tip: Enlarge and highlight your realty logo. Tip: You can get your logo engraved or painted Vehicle branding ABODE Real Estate Enquiry CALL 1-254-8564-726 ABODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY Stickers Car top Signs Paint the logo Tip: Add the slogan with your logo to advertise. EVENTS Tradeshows Conferences/Meetups Booths АBODE АBODE ABODE EAL ESTATE COMPANY ABODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY АBODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY АВODE Presentations Balloons ABODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY BUYER REPORT Souvenirs (calendar, pen, t-shirt) Panaflex Brochure Tip: Don't overuse your logo like others usually do. Tip: Wear your ID card with the logo on it. DIGITAL Website Social Media facebook A Your Name Find friends Home Center ABODE LOREM IPSUM DOLOR Stame, roecter rg rit Praesent olacer tortor vean rin 2011 2010 ABODE IPSUM 2008 LOREM IPSUM DOLOR Stamer, roneadpson et. Present oacrattortor viteon 2007 ABODE HOME PAGE REAL ESTATE COMPANY НOME PAGE ABODE our Name Update info View Activity * REAL ESTATE COMPANY About Top left C .cA Highlights Profile picture Cover image Tip: Keep the position of logo standard on all web pages. Tip: Use a high-resolution image of your real estate logo. E-newsletter Top left a ou From Our Blog From Our Blog From Our Blog Pslertesgenaman lacus Phaske convals id Felergeecarnen as Pelemesuecunsan lacus Phaseh cnvalis id Phaselus parvals id re iignt it Vtu Тор center Top right Nulla est metus, drerit sit 15% OFF mat bibendum et rutrum Nulla est metus, drerit sit 15% OFF amat bibendum et nutrum Nulla est mebus, drerit sit amet bibendum et 15% OFF egestas pe pem n Tip: Use the colors of your logo for a standard look. VISUAL CONTENT Videos Infographics Bottom right АBODE ABODE REAL ESTATE COMPANY REAL ESTATE COMPANY At the start At the end Bottom left Tip: Animate the frame that has your logo. Tip: Don't place your logo in the beginning. Real Estate Business Leaders The following real estate industry personalities have successfully branded their corporate image. barbara KWHERITAGE KELLERWILLIAMS. REALTY THEAGENCY corcoran Keller Williams Realty International real estate franchise founded by Joe Williams and Gary Keller. Mauricio Umansky He co-founded, The Agency, a luxury real estate agency in 2011. Barbara Corcoran American real estate mogul and business expert. She did personal branding. Do you want to be like them? Do you want to be better than them? Transform your real estate company into a brand! th)nk design Sources: SPIN NING DESIG NIDEAS 874-5236-185

Quick Guide To Design Your Real Estate Brand Identity With A Logo

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Are you real estate company? Know that it all starts with your logo! Your brand identity, branding, and marketing are incomplete without your logo design. Everything you make is accompanied by you...


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