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Quality Repair - Hand it Over to the Experts

HAND IT TO THE EXPERT! How to finda reliable repair provider for your phone or tablet, WHAT DO THE STATS SAY? $10.7 spent by Americans for the repair and replacement of their smartphones in the last 7 years. 82% said they accidentally dropped their phone. BILLION of Smartphone Users $4.8 BILLION 33% had an accident that average spent in the last 2 years alone. of Smartphone resulted in a cracked screen. WHAT AND HOW DAMAGES OCCUR users can't take can't use photos apps 20* 0 FE27* awERT 09:05 29 20% 20% can't use can't 18-25 some of the unlock the have cracked screens year olds have a greater chanče of damaging their smart- phones. keys screen AS A RESULT WHO. ARE THE VICTIMS OF SMARTPHONE DAMAGE? WHERE, DO SMARTPHONE INCIDENTS OCCUR 5 out of 6 students had smartphone incident damage GARAGE BATHROOM KITCHEN BEDROOM 59% of men who got their smarthphone damaged had it in the garage. ..... LIVING ROOM 41% of women who got their smarthphone damaged had it in the bathroom. Sub-urban kids break their phones 50% more often than rural or urban kids. HOW TO FIND A REPAIR PROVIDER Most of us have accidentally dropped, kicked, or smashed our mobile phone. It doesn't seem to matter how careful we are, accidents do happen. Eyou want to save your phone, you deserve to find the best repair provider. CONSIDERATIONS Repair Costs O How do repair costs compare to their competitors? Parts Reliability Does it have a clear outline of the service repair process? If you want to fix the device yourself, will the company provide replacement parts and instructional materials? O Is it more cost effective to repair or replace? Does the company have a good track record of providing quality service? DID YOU KNOW THAT? Many shops don't have the experience for severe issues. NOT ALL REPAIR SHOPS ARE EQUAL. O Some repair centers used refurbished parts to keep costs down. REMINDERS KU Avoid Inexperienced Techs and Repair providers Check repair provider's website and consumer reviews online Choose a repair provider that has a professional repair shop 5 4 Beware of repair providers that use refurbished parts Choose a repair provider that offers Free Diagnostics, Free Insured Return Shipping, and a Warranty with all repairs REPAIRSHARKS 1 1 Top V Consumer We won this 2 Quality Repairs at an Affordable Price years in a row. 20 14 20 15

Quality Repair - Hand it Over to the Experts

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Repair Sharks is an industry leader in iPod, iPhone, Xbox 360, Playstation, MacBook, and PC Repair. We service all issues and models from the original 1st Generation iPod, Nano 1st Generation to iPho...




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