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VOICE OF CUSTOMER SURVEY 2013-2014 OBJECTIVE The survey objective was to capture customer perception on quality & turnaround time for the services they have received from QF Shared Services. In addition to collecting ideas and suggestions to improve overall service delivery and identify improvement opportunities. SURVEY FINDINGS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATINGS OVERALL RATING Target Score 3.19 3.00 3.21 3.24 3.09 3.12 3.33 Community Development Education Research and QF Joint Ventures, Development Headquaters Projects and others HSSE Safety Services 3.51 SUPPORT SERVICES 3.47 HSSE 3.49 Secuity Community and Recreation Services Services SUPPORT SERVICES HSSE 3.40 3.39 Community Services Environmenta Services (Activities associated with NSD, Intl food festival, etc) TOP 5 SERVICES STRATEGIC FINDINGS QUESTION 1 What would you percieve to be the most beneficial for QF in regards to shared services (sort based on priority) - it was found that 76% of respondents selected Change Managementand Integration followed closely by Enhancing Strategic alignment and eliminating duplications. QUESTION 2 To what extent has Qatar Foundation reached its objectives through Shared Services? Respondents rated Platform to support growth and enhanced Services delivery and processefficiency and Quality to have been the top two activities performed by Share Services to QF objectives. Erhance Strategic Aligrment and Elminating Duplication Change Managemont and Integration Erhanced Service Platform to Cost Optimization Delivery and Process Efficioncy/Quality Support Growth PARTICIPATION BY STRATEGIC TEAMS R&D *** QF HQ JV Projects & other Education 39% 10% 9% 32% 11% *. HIGHLIGHTS Services Surveyed 141 Customers and QF HQ 74 Respondents 1545 SHARED SERVICES FINDINGS 93 Overall Services surveyed across 10 Service Providers SATISFACTION SCORE per Service Provider BP 3.14 SS 3.19 CD 3.14 FM PD 3.00 3.14 FN LD 2.82 2.59 HSSE 3.37 IT 2.99 HR 3.09 Enhanced Service Delivery & Process Efficiency / Quality QF Objectives Achieved via SHS: Platform to Support Growth COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 150 Participants representing 16 centers OVERALL RATING: 3.21 BPI Satisfaction score per SP 331 SS 3.15 CD 327 PD 3.16 FM 3.15 LD FN 3.11 2.91 HSSE 337 IT 3.14 HR 3.25 EDUCATION 610 Participants representing 18 centers OVERALL RATING: 3.24 Satisfaction score per SP BPI 3.50 CD SS 323 3.18 FM PD 3.10 3.17 LD 2.75 FN 293 IT HSSE 3.37 2.97 HR 3.22 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT l. 132 Participants representing 7 centers OVERALL RATING: 3.09 Satisfaction score per SP BPI 3.22 SS 3.12 CD 3.08 FM PD 3.11 2.85 FN 2.77 LD 2.43 HSSE 3.27 IT 2.84 HR 294 QATAR FOUNDATION HEAD QUARTERS 501 Participants representing 32 centers OVERALL RATING: 3.12 BPI Satisfaction score per SP 3.00 SS 3.09 CD 3.08 FM PD 2.85 3.08 FN 2.63 LD 230 HSSE 333 IT 2.97 HR 2.97 JOINT VENTURES AND OTHERS 152 Participants representing 21 centers OVERALL RATING: 3.33 Satisfaction score per SP BPI 3.00 SS CD 3.37 3.10 FM PD 2.05 3.21 FN LD 2.86 2.77 HSSE 3.54 IT 3.32 HR 3.05 CONCLUSION Qatar Foundation leads Human, Economiç and Social Development of Qatar, making Qatar a nation that can be A vanguad for productive change in the region and a role model for the international community QF VISION STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Enhance Internal Capabilities.Sustainability and Synergy through Shared Services Drive Innovation Develop Human Capital QF to Advance Economic NATIONAL MISSION Diversification NEEDS operating Contribute Towards programs in three core Foster a Progressive and Engaged Society Appreciative of it's Heritage National Priorties Human, Social, Economic and mission areas: Enviromental Development Education Research and Community development Promote Productive change Regionally and hternationally ENABLERS Enhanced Service Platform to Cost delivery and Process Efficiency/Quality Support Growth Optimization Change management Enhance Strategic Alignment and Eliminating Duplication


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This infographic was commissioned by Qatar foundation, as part of a customer survey to get their insight and their customer opinions on key section and initiatives.


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