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The Psychology of Red Branding

ImagiBrand TM PRESENTS THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BRANDING WITH COLOR RED The color red attracts the viewer's attention, exciting and motivating them to take action. Physiologically, this color is known to have a profound effect on the human body, shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate. POSITIVE/NEGATIVE POSITIVE MEANINGS IN BUSINESS powerful, energetic, fast, passionate, desirable, İustful, strong, motivating, stimulating, driven and determined, exciting, confident courageous, attention-getting, warm, spontaneous, assertive and NEGATIVE MEANINGS IN BUSINESS aggressive and angry, domineering, over-bearing and tiring, quick-tempered, ruthless, fearful and intolerant, rebellious and obstinate, resentful, violent and brutal VARIATION DARK RED • Professional • LuxuriouS Commanding BRIGHT RED Exciting • Energetic • Economical BURGUNDY • Subtle • Serious • Sophisticated CRIMSON • Determined • Sensual Powerful SCARLET • Enthusiatic • Loving • Fun MAROON • Controlled • Strong • Courageous GLOBAL USE RUSSIA Means beautiful and often used in ceremonies associated with communism NORTH AMERICA Associated with Valentines Day THE CHEROKEE: Red symbolizes SUccess, triumph and sacred fire NIGERIA Worn by chiefs and reserved for ceremonies CHINA Represents good luck, celebration, vitality, happiness and long life. Worn by wedding brides. THAILAND The color of Sunday SOUTH AFRICA The color of mourning LATIN AMERICA Associated with religion when used with white EXAMPLES FOOD Stimulating and energizing the body, the color red triggers the appetite and is therefore an excellent color to be associated with food products and restaurants. Coca-Cola Dack RED LOBSTER FRESH FISH LIVE LOBSTER in the box SEXY The color red is a color which loves to draw attention to itself. Often used to convey love and associated with hearts, kisses and Valentine's Day, this passionate color tends to be used to communicate lust and sensuality. (Viogis essie errari MASCULINE Typically associated with our most primal, physical needs combined with our survial instincts, the color red can exude a bold and powerful masculine energy. DIESEL Camon Nintendo FOR SUCCESSFULL LIVING OPPOSITE REDGREEN The opposite of red is the color green.They are exact opposites on the color wheel, and when combined together, they become black. One of the least used complimentary color schemes due to their strong association with the Christmas holiday. WHAT IF ImagiBrand WHY DIDN'T WE CHOOSE RED? ImagiBrand decided not to choose red as our corporate colors because we didn't want to be perceived as overly aggressive with our current clientele or intimidating to prospective clients. Although there are some great attributes associated with the color red, we felt none them would have been beneficial to what we were trying to communicate. Imagibrand. WHY WE LOVE OUR COLORS We chose to use magenta, black, and white as our corporate colors to reflect our fun and imaginative approach to branding while remaining professional and sophisticated. Prepared by: @imagibrand SOURCES ...

The Psychology of Red Branding

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How we perceive and interact with our world is largely impacted by the colors that surround us. While going largely unnoticed as we go about our daily lives, the psychology of color and social media b...


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