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Psychographics in Contemporary SMB Marketing

Psychographics in Contemporary SMB Marketing Does your business understand psychographical paradigms of modern-day marketing? If not, it's time. You need to adapt this contemporary marketing trend and psychographic-ally connect with your target market. What Psychographics Do? Psychographics provide a deeper understanding of your target market, which helps in identifying the variables that drive their buying behavior. How to Study Consumer Psychographics? The psychographics of consumers are studied through ethnographic research, which involves: ? Developing and structuring of questionnaire Communicating one-on-one with the sample population Conducting focus groups Understanding Consumer Characteristics Consumer characteristics are studied through dividing your research tool into 3 categories listed below: Social class is associated with the social grade or rank of an individual. Also, it involves characterizing which income bracket he/she belongs to. For e.g. Company Middle Director Manager Unemployed Bank Clerk SOCIAL CLASS Service Labourer Provider Skilled Worker Personality Personality is studied by understanding behavioral patterns of a target market Awareness Preference Are they familiar with your company or brand name? Do they prioritize the purchasing of your product over others? Knowledge Conviction Do they know about your products? Do they value your brand enough to stick to it? Liking Purchase Do they actually consume your product? Or how much do they like it? Does your product offer rates that your target market could afford? Lifestyle It is based on understanding the living patterns of individuals: • Beliefs • Interest Values Opinions Cross Cultural Consumer Characterization Model This is one of the famous models for studying lifestyle patterns, which is based on how an individual behaves according to his/her character Resigned Struggler a. Strict in rules b. Rigid to flexible patterns c. Loves to play safe d. Follows traditional patterns a. Limited resource holders b. Flexible in ideas c. Distorted thinking patterns d. Appreciate things that make an impact Mainstreamer Aspirer a. Brand conscious b. Conformist a. Persona matters b. Intrinsic in their values c. Affiliates well d. Actively follow fashion Loves to follow trends C. d. Passive to intellectual bigots. Succeedor Explorer a. Stable people b. Opt for reliable brands c. Calculated in their decisions d. Strong and confident a. Energetic b. Cherishes autonomy c. Love challenges d. Enjoys trying new products. Applying Psychographics Reformer 1. The data collected through interviews and focus groups helps you in developing insights and translating it into brand strategies. a. Socially aware b. Knowledge lovers c. Intolerant to bad taste. d. Appreciate powerful messages 2. Application of psychographics in marketing is a big challenge for SMBS. It depends on the level of creativity in your organization. 3. Once you know the characteristics of your consumers, you become aware of all the weak points and strengths of your target market. thInk design 4. Now all you need to do is, prepare effective marketing campaigns based on your consumer analyses. The reason behind the Coke and Nestle's successful marketing campaigns is their hands-on psychographics. SPIN N ING DESIG N IDE AS f /LOGODESIGNGURU y @LOGODESIGNGURU References Q+ +LOGODESIGNGURUCORP in /COMPANY/LOGODESIGNGURU

Psychographics in Contemporary SMB Marketing

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Are you a market researcher? If yes, then you would be familiar with the terms demographics and psychographics. They are methods used for understanding the target market externally and internally, res...



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