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Proven Practices to Reduce Online Cart Abandonment

A PinnacleCart O0O Proven Practices to Reduce Online Cart Abandonment On average, a7.91% of shopping carts are abandoned. This means just over 2 out of 3 prospects who add products to their shopping cart will leave without pulling out their credit cards – it's a lot of missed opportunities and revenue + This might sound too good to be true, but you can recover 58% of abandoned online shopping carts by sending a simple email. Additionally, there are other practicas you can replicate to help improve your store's checkout flow. Ready to lèarn how? Let's get started. Consumers absolutely hate paying for Be Honest With shipping costs - so much that it's the main the Shipping Cost reason for shopping cart abandonment. Here are key figures we've learned: 25% 50% 75% 62% always choose the cheapest shipping option. 25% 50% 30% will add enough to their cart to qualify for free shipping. 25% 50% 38% purchase from specific merchants because of a shipping offer, 25% 50% 75% 11% said thart the slow delivery is the reason why they stop shopping at a'speciftc 25% 50% 75% Only 3% don't mind the shipping costs at all. The Baymard Institute found out that having long Optimize Checkout Flow or complicated checkout processes is the reason why 26% of shoppers abandon their carts. Experts say that too many form fields to fill out creates points of friction during checkout. Craft a checkout form that has few fields. Here are a some ideasto consider: Use a "full name" field instead of a first, middle, and last name field • Let prospects enter their street address in one line. • Remove unnecessary optional fields 4 Shopping Basket Personal Details Shipping Details Confirmation E/ Address / Payment / Review & Submit Account Login Billing Address Full Name * Street Address * Optional Zip Enter Zip for City & State Phone * Email * This order is a gift (prices will not appear on invoice) Ship to my Billing Address Ensure Discount Codes or An overwhelming 90% of consumers use cou- pons when making online purchases. This is a proven eCommerce strategy that increases sales Vouchers Work and instills loyalty in existing customers. But if shoppers encounter issues where a discount code doesnwork, 46% of them wilnothesitate to abandon their carts. When customers abandon their cart, you have a Send An Abandoned Cart Email Right Away few hours to encourage them to proceed to the checkout page. If you're using retargeting technol- ogy and email marketing, send an email right away. According to Conversions data, here's how like er is to purchase after receiving a reminder 25% 50% 75% 100% 30% purchase in less than 20 minutes 25% 50% 100% 50% purchase in 20 minutes to an hour 25% 50% 60% purchase in 1 to 3 hours 25% 15% 100% 50% 65% purchase in 3 to 12 hours The first few hours of post abandonment are your window of opportunity to regain lost customers. Capitalize on it. Customers always expect quality service and Responsive Customer Support convenience. A study conducted by LiverPerson found that 83% of online shoppers want help while they are on site. 51% said that they are more likely to purchase if they had customer support, such as live chat during the session. Adding a "Save For Later" or "Wishlist" Button Some shoppers abandon their carts simply because they're only using it as a wishlist or a place to save items that they want to purchase later. Instead of directing customers into a shopaing cart, make iteasy for them to treate a wishlist with an option to buy letera If you notice a high abandon cart rate, then you have to reexamine your return policy. A Solid Return Policy Be upfront with return policies because this helps customers feel better about the purchases they've made. Here are tips on how you can creata aolid return policy: Be simple. Use the language of your customers-nomal ordinary, and down-to-earth. offer free shipping. Iryoure financially capable, provide a free shipping label or send customers a pre-labeled boxto return the item. Provide amplatime for returns State the number of days a customer can notify you if they want to returm an iterm. This can be between 7 to 30deys from the date of purchase. Brag about it. Feature your raturm policy prominently from your e-commerce storefront to the checkout page to inspire trustin customers. Unfortunately, most stores make returning an item a hassle by restricting too much tìme and letting shoppers shoulder the shipping return fees. 75% 50% Conclusion 23% 0% Let's be practical; achieving a 0% cart abandonment rate is not attainable. There are customers who will abandon their carts – and you just have to accept it. But never use this as an excuse to keep you away from increasing your conversions. With the practices mentioned above, you're going to win some customers back, and it's worth giving it all you've got. Ready to grow your online sales? Sign-up for a FREE 14-day trial of PinnacleCart 20% 75 *** 40% 100% 40% GET STARTED References: doned-carts/#:-:text=Nearly%20two%20thirds%20of%20lost,them%20to%20finish%20the ir%20purchase. A Pinnacle Cart

Proven Practices to Reduce Online Cart Abandonment

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Shopping cart abandonment is the eternal nemesis of e-commerce store owners. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to mitigate against it entirely because people will inevitably abandon their carts even be...


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