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The Pros and Cons of Providing Alcohol at Work

ALCOHOL IN THE OFFICE: THE PROS AND CONS OF PROVIDING ALCOHOL AT WORK As fun as Mad Men's three-martini lunches may seem, are both pros cons to letting employees drink at work. POTENTIAL PROS OF OFFERING ALCOHOL TO EMPLOYEES CONS OF OFFERING ALCOHOL IN THE OFFICE MAY IMPROVE CREATIVE ENABLES ALCOHOL PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEMS Research shows that, in general, people who One 2012 study found that slightly intoxicated people solved more creative problem tasks in less time than non-intoxicated study participants. work long hours are more likely to drink. Providing alcohol in the office could further enable destructive drinking behaviors in employees who work long hours. However, the same participants did worse on memory tasks, confirming that even moderate alcohol consumption makes you Y EXCLUDES EMPLOYEES WHO DON'T DRINK less able to reason and focus. MAY SUPPORT HEALTH Researchers say office drinking may make BENEFITS ASSOCIATED employees who don't want to drink for personal or religious reasons feel excluded from their coworkers. WITH MODERATE DRINKING Research has shown that moderate COMPROMISES SOBRIETY alcohol consumption may: FOR RECOVERING Improve good cholesterol and lower ALCOHOLICS the risk of cardiovascular disease - Prevent the common cold Lower the risk of developing gallstones - Reduce the risk of diabetes Making alcohol readily available in the workplace is a huge distraction and a relapse trigger for recovering alcoholics. However, further research has shown that It can also be difficult or embarrassing for sober employees to admit they've stopped drinking or that they had a drinking problem when alcohol is an integral part of these benefits may only apply to a small number of people. MAY INCENTIVIZE company culture. EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE A MAKES COMPANY RESPONSIBLE FOR LEGAL Companies that offer alcohol to their employees often do so, in part, because they believe alcohol incentivizes employees MISHAPS to work. Employers may be liable if an employee Light drinking on the job may also help some employees feel appreciated and keep them committed to the company. consumes company-offered alcohol prior to sustaining a personal injury, like being involved in a car accident, etc. MAY HELP INCREASES INSTANCES 000 EMPLOYEES CONNECT OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT Some companies believe that making alcohol available in the office can help Research suggests that women face greater risk of sexual harassment at workplaces where heavy drinking is normal. employees better connect with coworkers from different departments. One 2004 study from Cornell University saw harassment incidents more than double for MAY HELP ATTRACT each additional alcoholic beverage ingested by male employees. NEW TALENT Some businesses highlight their free alcohol policies as a way of getting new hiring prospects interested in their company. WOULD YOU ALLOW ALCOHOL IN THE OFFICE? THESE COMPANIES DO: YELP CROWDFLOWER Employees can help themselves to unlimited beer from a kegbot, as long as they login to an app that records what and how much they drink. The company keeps a refrigerator stocked with beer and soda for employees to drink out of when they work late. TRELLO ZILLOW Employees are likely to celebrate a landmark achievement for their startup Employees can login to a kegbot and serve themselves beer, allowing an app to track what and how much they drink. by having some champagne or taking a shot of whiskey. TWITTER J. WALTER THOMPSON Wine and beer can be found in the The company office is complete with a 50-ft bar where employees company fridge, alongside non-alcoholic drinks. can grab a drink on or off the clock. WHETHER YOU'RE DRINKING AT WORK OR AT HOME, ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Claritys Way Sources Science Direct, The BMJ, Medical Daily, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Vox, ABC News, Chicago Magazine, Find your path to recovery

The Pros and Cons of Providing Alcohol at Work

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It seems that more and more companies are starting to offer alcohol to their employees, either after hours or - in some cases - on the clock! Is alcohol in the office a good idea?


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