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The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

THE PROS AND CONS OF BEING A Freelancer There are 42 million freelancers in America. Lets see how freelancing is viable, or not. SOME DO IT BY CHOICE. OTHERS DO IT BECAUSE THERE IS NO CHOICE. Pros Cons 45% 21% COMPENSATION PESSIMISM The Average freelancer makes 45% more than your say they are moderately or very much unhappier than at a traditional job. normal worker. $68,000 VS. $46,800 ToPoaMrANITS -$65,000 per year of those who work 75% COMPLAINTS from home make over [by percent of freelancers claiming something was their "biggest challenge."] (80TH PERCENTILE EARNINGS) 49% 33% 15% 20.8% Finding clients of freelancers earn $20-$59/ of freelancers earn $70+/ hr. of freelancers earn $100+/ hr. hr. 16.3% WORK BALANCE Freelancers have great work life balance. They can take yoga breaks whenever. Feast or famine cycle Only 29% of N. American freelancers work 10.1% 40+ hours a week. Maintaining work life balance 5.7% full time with a part time day job **- 65.5% full time 15% -------- part time with no day job 6.8% FLEXIBILITY 13.7% --.. part time with a day job Managing time/staying productive 25% of freelancers saying flexibility of work schedule is the best thing about their position. %24 4.5% Getting better fees COFFEE SHOP COMMUNITY 25% + 4.4% of organizational workforces are contingent/contract based and telecommuters. Getting affordable health insurance Estimated to rise to 30-50% in the coming decade. OPTIMISM STABILITY 21% 90% 77% of freelancers are happier than before they went solo. of freelancers cited that finding clients is the biggest challenge of freelancers are optimistic about business in the next year. 21.9% of freelancers moderately or strongly believe their job is less secure than a traditional position January 01 RECESSION PROOF 49% NOT RECESSION PROOF 50.7% of freelancers felt little or no impact from the recession. of organizational workforces are contingent/contract based and telecommuters. 71.7% ENTREPRENEURIAL BENEFITS Healthcare, 401k, flexible spending accounts can be hard to find in freelancing. of freelancers saying they're entrepreneurs. Where? EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN'T MATTER. In 1/4 of the nation's 20 largest metro areas, more people telecommute than use public transit to get to work. 20 LARGEST METRO AREAS Filled with freelancers. Chicago Naperville Michigan City Seattle Denver Tacoma Aurora Olympia Boulder Minneapolis St. Paul St. Cloud Detroit Boston Worcester Warren Flint Manchester Cleveland Akron Elyria New York - Newark Bridgeport San Jose SF Philadelphia Camden Vineland Oakland Washington Baltimore Northern VA Los Angeles Long Beach Riverside Tampa St. Petersburg Clearwater San Diego Carlsbad San Marcos Pheonix Mesa Scottsdale Atlanta Houston Sandy Springs Miami Dallas Fort Worth Baytown: Gainesville Ft. Lauderdale Miami Beach Huntsville : St. Louis '- St. Charles Farmington fastest growing telecommuting community OSan Diego 4.8% concentration highest O Detroit Warren Livonia 1.8% lowest concentration of telecommuters * Riverside Carlsbad of telecommuters San Marcos San Bernardino DON'T THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Almost every career type can freelance. TOP 15 TYPES OF FREELANCERS 20.4% 18% 10.5% 10.3% 7.6% Designer Editor/copy editor Writer Copywriter Translator 4.5% 4.3% 2.3% 1.9% 1.9% Web Business Virtual Marketing Professional Illustrator developer consultant Assistant 1.6% 1.4% 1.3% 1.2% 1.2% Researcher Videographer Photographer Software IT systems support developer AS WELL AS TRADITIONAL CAREERS Engineers Accountants Lawyers Paralegals Project managers MANY FREELANCERS SELF REPORT HIGHER PAYRATES, HIGHER LEVELS OF JOB SATISFACTION, AND GREATER WORK/LIFE BALANCE THAN TRADITIONAL JOBS.But il s still not for everyone. BROUGHT TO YOU BY GRAPHICDESIGNDEGREEHUB.COM SOURCES: ----

The Pros and Cons of Being a Freelancer

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There are 42 million freelancers in America. Lets see how freelancing is viable, or not. Some do it by choice. Others do it because there is no choice


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