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Property Investment in Warrington

ROBERT JONES PROPERTY INVESTMENTS Location, Location, Location... PROPERTY INVESTMENT IN WARRINGTON? Warrington offers a lot of opportunity for property investment. This infographic explains why and gives you an insight into its potential. So Why Warrington? Based on these criteria, When looking for an area to invest in, It's good to look for the very best mix of: Warrington is one of 3 areas that stand head-and-shoulders above the rest in the North West Rental Returns, Here's why... Capital Growth Potential Tenant demand 1. Housing Demand & Supply Supply Demand 77.9% Over the last twenty years the population of Warrington has increased at a similar rate to of households are the national level, and at a faster rate than the owner occupied population of the North West as a whole putting pressure on the household demand for the area 6.6% of households are privately rented O Warrington O National level O North west 2. Housing Prices This steady growth has kept housing prices Warrington was amongst the affordable throughout the boom. The UK wide decline in house prices has made yields lowest 10 cities for Mean housing price growth during 2000 – 2010, at an average of and property prices very attractive compared to other comparable UK cities, especially considering Warrington's performance in economic stability and employment 7.1% PER YEAR GROWTH 3. Local Economy £ The Centre for Cities report places During 2011, the Warrington economy held up Warrington in the top ten locations well and outstripped the rest of the North West and much of the rest of the country in in the whole of the UK for Economic performance terms of key economic indicators £ Warrington is rated 7th out of the top 10 ten cities in the UK for its Ratio of 10 Private Sector to Public sector jobs, so is more insulated against wide scale public sector job losses as an economy Warrington is the Highest Rated Northern location for Average Earnings and employment rates Summary The affordability of entry level housing in Warrington Warrington offers great rental yields and good potential for long term growth, due to the sustained tenant demand, In addition there is only a has improved, with the combination of the decrease in house prices along with an increase in local wages and average earnings relatively small supply of rental housing for the area, when you consider the total housing stock and the actively increasing household demand and population and its combination of Economic stability and affordable housing Infographic brought to you by www.PROPERTYINVESTMENTSUK.COUK Data sourced from: Warrington Annual Property Review 2011, Strategic Housing Market Assessment – May 2009, Centre for Cities Outlook 2012

Property Investment in Warrington

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Property Investment is all about picking the right location which offers capital growth potential, a good tenant profile and great rental returns. Warrington offers all of these. This infographi...


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