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Project managers - what challenges do you look forward to at work?

KnowledgeTrain aim - achleve advance "What PROBLEMS, issues and challenges do you dook forward to when Working in groject management?" Cesar Abeid, Project Manager Andy Holland, Project Manager at Ministry Of Defence UK at Remontech "I love the very beginning, collecting the requirements, seeing the joy in the owners' eyes as we start to ask questions that help mould the project and the deliverables into something more tangible. That's a great challenge and is very rewarding "I must say all of them! If there is no challenge then it is only a process." Kiron Bondale, Project Portfolio Management Consultant for Aksys Consulting Inc Pete Wright, Project Manager at MDS "Outside of masochists or folks with superhero complexes, I don't believe anyone "looks forward" to problems. However, what I do look for is variety, uniqueness, the opportunity to learn something "Identifying obscure risks and opportunities with stakeholders, making them realise that they should not rely on their positive nature and plan for things going wrong. Then, seeing how the risks are mitigated during the project with the team feeling much happier that we planned for these. new. Mike Dunn, Project Manager and Consultant for Owl Creek Technology "The adventure. Some unique experiences, solving problems, engaging and rallying a group of folks to slay some dragons, and maybe even jousting a few windmills along the way" Mark Phillipy, Project Manager, blogger, podcast host for "The experience the team goes through to resolve an issue. I find great value in solving problems. When a team can rally together solve an issue, they become stronger and satisfaction increases. Problems and challenges within a project strengthens teams. Brian Walters, Marketing Manager at Red Sea Housing Services "I want to walk in at 9, take a 2 hour lunch, and leave at 5. What I'm ready for is everything but." Linky Van Der Merwe, Project Management Consultant and Founder of Virtual Project Consulting "Building relationships with new project team members, and the challenge to stay flexible in terms of planning for the project while staying within the expected timeline" Nikos Rentas, Audience Cultivator at SATNER Business Solutions "Ive never woken up looking forward to any negativeness.however challenges - l can say I look forward to meetings that involve negotiations" Shim Marom - Project Manager and blogger for Jonathan Meyers, Founder and Principal of Catalyzer Consulting "Putting the proper structures and processes in place so that the project is very much run on its own, without me needing to intervene. In the times where this is achieved, it is the most fantastic professional satisfaction I can get." "I like the challenges associated with managing high-profile projects that could have a big positive impact on the organization I'm working for." Margaret Meloni, President at Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc Eduardo Lucas, IT Specialist at Cristal "People challenging the scope at the very beginning - it means they are paying attention! Also, students disagreeing with me or asking for clarification about something I have said - it means they are engaged in the topic" "Lack of commitment from the main sponsors. Lack of human resources during the execution phase. Poor quality in the produced products and therefore, none acceptance from the client. Guess that's enough!" Emanuele Passera - Senior Software Engineer, Project Manager for Tele Rilevamento Europa T.R.E Robert Prohl, Program Manager at Systech "Looking for broken processes, and using them as opportunities to lead efforts to redesign the processes" "Risk management. It is difficult to manage risks, and even more difficult to get people to understand the Importance of these activities when they have Iittle knowledge of project management. This is one of my favourite project management aspects." Ian Webster, Programme Manager and blogger for Lee Collins, Project Manager and Owner at KLC Applied Services "Being given the opportunity to work on the most business critical programmes. As a result the projectmanager usually gets to work with some of the best, most capable and challenging minds available to the business." "To be honest none. I tend to live in the hope that issues will be manageable, problems will be resolvable and challenges will be achievable. I have enough to do without going to look for trouble" Add your favourite challenge below Copyright © 2013 Knowledge Train Limited |

Project managers - what challenges do you look forward to at work?

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Everyone secretly enjoys that adrenaline rush when they have to solve a problem. Project management is a job full of responsibility and problem solving. A group of project managers were asked what the...


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