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Programmatic Advertising: Benefits, Trends, and Solutions

BID Measuring the Impact of PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING A look at the current trends and growth of programmatic advertising State of Programmatic Advertising The Current Landscape of marketers use 62% programmatic advertising for brand campaigns Programmatic ad spend 20% is growing at about annually In 2017: The programmatic ad industry will grow 31% than social (25%) and video (20%) faster Percent of Marketers Using Prograi natic 96%* 73% 64% Display Video Mobile 55% 16% Social OTT/Connected TV % of marketers using various forms of programmatic advertising Ad Completion Rate by Device 96% 91% ОТ Tablet 84% 86% Mobile Desktop Benefits of Programmatic Advertising Increased opportunities for real-time optimization Reduced human error, complexity, and costs for media buying Increased efficiency ill Omnichannel and cross-device Ability to leverage first-party data audience targeting Outlook for Programmatic Ads Programmatic Ad Spend by Channel DISPLAY $45.9 B $39.5 B $32.6 B $25.5 B $17.5 B 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 MOBILE $36.1 B $30.1 B $24.1 B $18 B $10.7 B 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 VIDEO $10.7 B $8.7 B $6.2 B $3 B 2015 2016 2017 2018 TV $1.1 B $2.1 B $3.8 B $310 M $710 M 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Creating an Effective Programmatic Buying Process Gather Audience Insights • Segment your customers to refine ad groups and improve audience targeting Deliver Engaging Creative Tailor and optimize messages specifically for each audience Customize your creative to take advantage of different channel and device features Run Cross-Device Campaigns • Create dynamic ads with HTML5 to run across different screen sizes • Use cross-device attribution vendors (e.g. Tapad) to track and measure conversions across channels - Determine if deterministic matching, probabilistic matching, or a combination works best for your campaign goals and ROI Measure Campaign Performance • Test your ads while they are live and conduct ongoing ad testing • Adjust budgets and creative for higher performing ads in real-time Takeaways for Brands and Marketers Key Programmatic Trends • Growth in cross-device ad campaigns Mobile will continue growing annually by 18% Potential new opportunities for paid media on mobile messaging apps (e.g. WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, and Snapchat) Greater accessibility to header bidding In 2016: Nearly 70% of publishers use header bidding, compared to almost no publishers 2 years ago • Improved retargeting quality through deep learning By 2021: Real-time bidding (RTB) networks are expected to generate $42B in annual ad revenue Pitfalls of Programmatic Buying In 2015: US ad industry lost a total of $8.2B from ad fraud Ad Fraud Solution: Advancements in programmatic technology can identify fraudulent traffic from low-quality leads IAS: Block ads on fraudulent web pages and stop bidding on fraudulent impressions in real-time Sizmek: Provide visibility into fraud and viewability to manage your ad delivery More than half of online ads are never viewed, particularly online video ads Solution: Use programmatic buying to optimize for speed, responsiveness, ad layout, and loading Ad Viewability IAS: Real-time signals to optimize ad viewability DoubleVerify: Evaluate quality of each impression delivered and net result of each quality measure Risk of brands' ads placed alongside inappropriate or questionable content Brand Solution: Work with trusted publisher Safety networks that provide full details behind campaign optimization IAS: Analyze brand risk based on page text, inbound and outbound links, and URL Grapeshot: Automatically remove pages with your excluded keywords from bidstream Brought to you by koeppeldirect MULTI-CHANNEL DIRECT RESPONSE Resources html,university/programmatic-101-what-is-viewability/ %24 口 . 10

Programmatic Advertising: Benefits, Trends, and Solutions

shared by StaceySD on Jan 24
Audience targeting isn’t a new idea, but as tools improve and the data we have access to gets increasingly more detailed, programmatic advertising solutions are getting smarter and better at reachin...


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