Profiting From World Events in 2014

PROFITING FROM WORLD in 2014 WORLD EVENTS With sweeping health care reforms, global unrest, and changing technologies, 2014 was a busy year. But for investors with an eye on global trends, it could have also been a very profitable one. MOTIF INVESTING MAKES IT EASY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF 2014 THESE TRENDS, OFFERING INVESTMENT PORTFOLIOS REFLECTING MACRO AND GEOPOLITICAL CONCEPTS. AFFORDABLE CARE ACT * IMPLEMENTED MOTIF OBAMACARE JAN Despite fierce Republican opposition, Supreme Court challenges, and technical snafus, the Affordable Care Act survived and the majority of 1 30.9% provisions went into effect on January 1. While certain health care reforms may increase the 1 Yr Return cost of doing business in the industry, the large increase in insurance coverage offers many opportunities for profit. UNINSURED RATE, AGE 18 - 64: SEPT. 2013 17.7% SEPT. 2014 12.4% 5.3% DECREASE 15 20 GEOPOLITICAL TENSIONS SEND DEFENSE STOCKS MOTIF SOARING MODERN WARFARE With civil unrest breaking out in Ukraine in FEB February, ISIS continuing to wreak havoc in Syria 28.5% and Iraq, and the continuing global War on Terror, 2014 has been a rough year for peace. 1 Yr Return While the US Defense Department announced a plan early this year to reduce troop levels to pre 1940 numbers, the current military intervention against ISIS may halt the planned spending cuts. PROJECTED PROGRAM US DRONE SPENDING: COST FOR F35 FIGHTER JET: 2013 $4.97 $1.02 billion 2018* trillion $6.53 billion *PROJECTED LANDLORDS RAISE THE RENTS MOTIF RENTER NATION JUN The price of homeownership is up, incomes are down, and this is causing many to turn to rental 个 housing as an alternative. With spiking demand 30.6% comes a drop in supply, allowing the average 1 Yr Return rental prices in the United States to rise this year. AVERAGE RENT INCREASE SINCE 2010: +12% +5% SEATTLE AREA CHICAGO +8% AREA +9% NEW YORK CITY AREA SAN FRANCISCO +10% AREA WASHINGTON DC +16% AREA SAN JOSE AREA OIL PRICES FALL, MOTIF AIRLINES BENEFIT TAKING FLIGHT Oil prices fell this year, largely due to increased JUN production from the United States. This is a huge boon to fuel guzzling airlines. This drop in 50.0% costs, combined with the continued high 1 Yr Return demand for flights, has allowed profits to take off this year. OIL PRICES VS. TAKING FLIGHT MOTIF: - OIL TAKING FLIGHT 0% -10% -20% -30% Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov 2014 RISE OF THE MOTIF PHABLET TABLET TAKEOVER Last year, the phablet was immortalized in the SEP Oxford dictionary. This year, shipment numbers for the devices overtook desktop and laptop PCs. 141.8% Some even predict sales of phablets might 1 Yr Return outpace smartphones in coming years. For the time being, mobile is in a position to dominate the market. PREDICTED YOY DEVICE GROWTH FOR 2014: 210% ^12.8% 209.6% A6.5% v-4.7% 0% SMART PHONE PHABLET TABLET LAPTOP CONCLUSION motif NVESTING TRACKING MACRO TRENDS AND EVENTS CAN GIVE YOU THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SHIFTS IN THE MARKET. MOTIF INVESTING ENABLES YOU TO INVEST IN THE WORLD AROUND YOU, SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION AND YOUR PORTFOLIO COULD BENEFIT. SOURCES: | || | | | | | | | | | | || | | || | motif INVESTING DISCLOSURE: 1-year performance returns for referenced motifs are based on performance of motif index as of close of market on December 4, 2014 and do not take into consideration any fees or commissions an investor can expect to achieve. Performance is quoted for informational purposes only. Go to to see how we calculate returns. Investing in securities involves risk, including the possible loss of principal; individual investments or a collection of individual stocks such as motifs which are concentrated in an idea or theme may face increased risk of price fluctuation over more diversified holdings due to adverse developments within a particular industry or sector. Information provided is for illustrative purposes only and not intended to represent recommendations for investment of any particular investment or strategy. Investing in stock involves risks you should be aware of prior to making your investment decision. You are responsible for all investment decisions you make.

Profiting From World Events in 2014

shared by motif-investing on Dec 25
To invest in the future, we must sometimes look in the past. We at Motif Investing have put together an infographic highlighting some of 2014′s most polarizing, yet profitable investing ideas.


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