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Prevent Your Extinction: All About BIM

Prevent your EXTINCTION Get up to date with Building Information Modeling (BIM) – A REVOLUTIONARY WAY OF DESIGNING WHAT IS BIM? Building Information Modeling is an intelligent, model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact. SEE PRODUCTIVITY GAINS OF MORE THAN 50% 28% 2007 Levels of BIM Adoption 4% ROI 49% 71% 62% 2009 79% 2012 62% of BIM users surveyed say they see positive ROI on their overall Industry-wide adoption of BIM surged 79% of current non users feel positively about future adoption where only 4% actually opposed from 28% in 2007 to 71% in 2012 investment in BIM WHO BENEFITS FROM BIM? Projects are becoming more and more complex; therefore, a variety of professionals from both small and large firms are finding value through BIM. GREEN BIM PROFESSIONALS BUILDING OWNERS BUILDING INDUSTRY ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS CONTRACTORS Percentage of players using BIM on more than 60% of their projects 2009 2012 2014 Architect Engineer Contractors Building Owner 21% 31% 55% 37% 60% 75% 21% 26% 43% 18% 30% 44% SURVIVE THE PROJECT ERA BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building and infrastructure-asset life cycle and supporting processes such as: BIM CHANGES THE WAY COMPANIES WORK INTERNALL Y AND EXTERNALLY Cost Construction Externally Internally Management Management • Engage in innovative project-delivery methods O Make broad organizational changes based on new and/or O Provide more affordable and different staffing needs Project Management Facility Operation efficient sustainable • Facilitate top-down executive design-and-analysis services support to succeed O Offer a range of new services PREHISTORIC FALLACIES THE FIVE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTIONS REGARDING BIM 1. 3. 4. 5. Productivity suffers during the transition to BIM Owners and BIM applications are difficult to learn BIM disrupts established workflows contractors benefit most from BIM BIM increases risk A strong BIM execution plan can help to increase accountability and O Built specifically as a tool for conceptualizing and designing buildings and • Everyone benefits O A BIM process helps standardize communication and define roles and responsibilities • Coordinated, consistent data in the intelligent model keeps all stakeholders on the same page no matter where or when they are working • BIM helps reduce construction- • Designers can focus on high-value design, documentation errors productivity infrastructure O Visualize even the most complex design challenges virtually to reduce conflicts and RFIS understand more about • Experience a 50% productivity gain in the long run • Unlike CAD, design and engineer in 3D from the the design earlier through analysis and visualization start O Close to 20% of users experience productivity gains of over 100% • More quickly explore multiple design alternatives • Clients get better use of resources on the project and a more predictable O Accurately communicate design intent to clients • outcome • Visualize and simulate projects before they become real Contractors get higher-quality, more complete construction documents, making for a smoother, more predictable project delivery DINO-MITE SAVINGS Start by throwing away those five fallacies of BIM and replacing them with these five facts about BIM: Increase Productivity Collaborate More Effectively Explore More Designs Reduce Risk Improve Project Outcomes VISIT LINESHAPESPACE.COM Sources: Autodesk. (2009). The Business Value of BIM. New York, NY, USA. Autodesk. (n.d.), The Five Fallacies of BIM. Inc, A. (n.d.). Building Information Modeling. Retrieved March 21, 2013, from Autodesk: LINE/SHAPE/SPACE Liu, Xuesong: Akinci, Burcu (2009). "Requirements and Evaluation of Standards for Integration of Sensor Data with Building Information Models". Computing in Civil Engineering. pp. 10. doi:10.1061/41052(346)10. ISBN 978-0-7844-1052-3. A AUTODESK Smith, Deke (2007). "An Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM)". Journal of Building Information Modeling: 12-4. Autodesk, I. (2012). A framework for implementing a BIM business transformationAutodesk, Inc. Construction, M. H. (2012). The Business Value of BIM for Infastructure. Autodesk, Inc. Bedford: McGraw Hill Construction. %24 %24

Prevent Your Extinction: All About BIM

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BIM = Building Information Modeling and is a revolutionary way of designing for contractors, engineers, architects, etc. We got to work with our friends at Autodesk to show what BIM is, who benefits f...





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