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PPC Jobs Salary Guide

presented by PPC Jobs Salary Guide ONWARD séärch A look at the top 20 U.S. Markets BREAKDOWN OF PPC JOBS BY LOCATION 1 New York, New York 2 Chicago, Illinois 3 San Jose, California 4 Austin, Texas 5 Seattle, Washington 6 San Francisco, California 7 Boston, Massachusetts 8 Atlanta, Georgia 9 Los Angeles, California 10 Dallas, Texas 11 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 12 San Diego, California 13 Portland, Oregon 14 Houston, Texas 15 Phoenix, Arizona 16 Baltimore, Maryland 17 Minneapolis, Minnesota 18 Nashville, Tennessee 19 Denver, Colorado 20 Orlando, Florida Number of PPC jobs postings as listed on BREAKDOWN OF PPC JOB TITLES 39% 24% 16% 10% 7% 5% Online Marketing Manager* PPC Specialist - Account Manager Director of Internet Marketing PPC Analyst PPC Coordinator The breakdown of job titles is based on an analysis of all PPC jobs posted to the Onward Search RecruiticsM platform over the last year. (Numbers rounded to the nearest percent) * Title variations include Paid Search Manager, SEM Manager, Search Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager SALARY RANGES BY CITY / JOB TITLE Online Marketing Manager Director of Internet Marketing Analyst PPC Coordinator PPC Account PPC Specialist Manager 1 New York, New York 73k-119k 58k-89k 56k-80k 74k-110k 57k-129k 49k-54k 2 Chicago, Illinois 62k-100k 49k-75k 47k-67k 62k-93k 48k-109k 42k-46k 3 San Jose, California 75k-121k 59k-91k 57k-81k 75k-112k 58k-131k 50k-55k 4 Austin, Texas 51k-83k 40k-62k 39k-56k 51k-77k 40k-90k 34k-38k 5 Seattle, Washington 53k-87k 42k-65k 41k-58k 53k-80k 42k-94k 36k-39k 6 San Francisco, California 73k-118k 57k-88k 56k-79k 73k-109k 57k-128k 49k-54k 7 Boston, Massachusetts 67k-109k 53k-81k 51k-73k 67k-101k 52k-118k 45k-49k 8 Atlanta, Georgia 63k-103k 50k-77k 49k-69k 64k-95k 50k-112k 43k-47k 9 Los Angeles, California 61k-98k 48k-74k 46k-66k 61k-91k 47k-107k 41k-45k 10 Dallas, Texas 57k-93k 45k-70k 44k-63k 58k-86k 45k-101k 39k-42k 11 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 54k-88k 43k-66k 41k-59k 54k-81k 42k-96k 36k-40k 12 San Diego, California 57k-93k 45k-70k 44k-63k 57k-86k 45k-101k 39k-42k 13 Portland, Oregon 50k-82k 39k-61k 38k-55k 50k-75k 39k-89k 34k-37k 14 Houston, Texas 56k-92k 44k-69k 43k-62k 57k-85k 44k-100k 38k-42k 15 Phoenix, Arizona 49k-79k 38k-59k 37k-53k 49k-73k 38k-86k 33k-36k 16 Baltimore, Maryland 58k-94k 45k-70k 44k-63k 58k-87k 45k-102k 39k-43k 17 Minneapolis, Minnesota 53k-86k 42k-65k 41k-58k 53k-80k 42k-94k 36k-39k 18 Nashville, Tennessee 52k-84k 41k-63k 40k-57k 52k-78k 40k-91k 35k-38k 19 Denver, Colorado 52k-85k 41k-64k 40k-57k 52k-78k 41k-92k 35k-39k 20 Orlando, Florida 52k-84k 41k-63k 40k-57k 52k-78k 41k-92k 35k-38k Salary ranges represent the 25% and 75% percentile for each job title in each city as obtained from Don't see your city? Search for PPC salaries in your location at To find a PPC / SEM job visit: presented by: ONWARD. search Call us at 800.829.0072

PPC Jobs Salary Guide

shared by NowSourcing on Apr 12
An all-encompassing look at the best job markets, the most in-demand job titles, and salary ranges for PPC professionals.


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