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The Power of Visual Content

The POWER OF VISUAL CONTENT Infographics can improve website traffic by 12% 40% of people respond better to visual info than plain text 80% of what you see is retained Conversions increase Landing pages with videos are To read on not to read.. 86% 20% when videos are used of words on a webpage is by the average user more shareable on a landing page THINK FAST! Between 2000 and 2013, the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds (one second less than the average attention span of a goldfish). Thankfully, your brain only takes 150 milliseconds to process a symbol, and 10o milliseconds more to attach meaning to it. YOUR VISUAL CONTENT T OOL KIT Aa Photos Typography Charts/ graphs Color Symbols/ icons Videos ... AND INFOGRAPHICS, OF COURSE! FEED YOUR HEAD HOW YOUR BRAIN PROCESSES VISUALS 65% 90% 50% 70% of people are visual learners of the information transmitted to the brain is visual of the brain is used in visual of all sensory receptors are in the eyes processing WORDS OF WISDOM 11 Design cannot rescue failed content. 77 Edward R. Tufte, author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information SOME HELPFUL PARINERS IN CREATING VISUAL CONTENT Canva E Piktochart HAIKU DECK make information beautiful UNSPLASH Super simple social design tool Infographic templates + design service High quality, hi-res free photos Beautiful presentation builder for web/tablet SOURCES: Merieb, E. N. & Hoehn, K. (2007). Human Anatomy & Physiology 7th Edition Thorpe, S., Fize, D. & Marlot, C. (1996). Speed of processing in the human visual system, Nature, Vol 381 Lester, P. M. (2006). Syntactic Theory of Visual Communication Holcomb, P. & Grainger, J. (2006). On the Time Course of Visual Word Recognition, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Vol 18 National Center for Biotechnology Information (2014), U.S. National Library of Medicine, Associated Press Bradford, W.C (2011). Reaching the Visual Learner: Teaching Property Through Art one spot" TM

The Power of Visual Content

shared by onespot on Sep 15
Creatives are often taught, “show don’t tell.” However, the process of engaging audiences is about more than just pairing a beautiful image with a few witty words. Visuals are faster and easier ...


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