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The Power of Visual Communication

THE P OWER OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION WHAT IS VISUAL COMMUNICATION? Visual communication describes the conveyance of information and ideas in forms that can be read or looked upon Examples include: MODELS GRAPHS PHOTOGRAPHS /VIDEOS DRAWINGS /DIAGRAMS OBJECTS MAPS TABLES HOW EFFECTIVE IS IT? "A PICTURE IS WORTH 1,000 W ORDS" 66 SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. WE ARE BECOMING A VISUALLY MEDIATED SOCIETY. FOR MANY, UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD IS BEING ACCOMPLISHED, NOT THROUGH WORDS, BUT BY READING IMAGES -Paul Martin Lester Studies show that people remember: 10% 20% 80% of what they hear of what they read of what they see and do 93% Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is nonverbal $As CApple Visuals are processed US spent 60,000x $131 BILLION faster than text on advertising in 2011 WHEN DID IT START? 10,000-40,000 years ago- The Cro-Magnons introduced: Large wild animals (Bison, Horses, Deer) A. Human Hands Abstract Patterns ENGRAVING SCULPTURE BODY ORNAMENTATION CAVE PAINTING 10,000 B.C.-Modern Times- Neolithic Peoples Mwwwm の の PETRO GLYPHS IMAGES INCISED IN ROCK IMPORTANT FORM OF PRE-WRITING SYMBOLS の の DEVELOPMENT OF VISUAL STYLES IDEOG RAMS Graphical symbol that represents an idea, developed 5,000 years ago in Africa AIRPORT SIGNS NO SMOKING SYMBOLS LOGOG RAM Single grapheme that represents a word, developed 3,500 years ago in China CHINESE, JAPANESE, KOREAN CHARACTERS ALPH ABET ABCD...XYZ The first alphabet emerged around 2000 BC in Ancient Egypt THE GREEKS AND ROMANS DEVELOPED THE BASIS FOR THE UPPERCASE ALPHABET WE KNOW TODAY MANUSCRIPTS EARLIEST ARE FROM THE PERIOD AD 400-600 PRINTING PRESS DEVELOPED IN 1501 EUROPE BOOKS Medieval Europe Written primarily on papyrus Introduction of rag paper CALLIGRAPHY Page layout and lettering acquired special importance FONTS Aa Developed during the Renaissance, marked the HEIGHT, WEIGHT, WIDTH, SLOPE, AND STYLE ALL SIGNIFY VARYING IMPORTANCE TO CONTENT: transition from Medieval The order a document should be read to Modern Readability Styles create a feel for what's being said based on design The creation and study of the visual representation of data. Aesthetic form and functionality go hand in hand to be effective, examples include: STATISTICAL VISUALIZATION al. BAR CHART STEAMGRAPH TREE MAP SCATTER PLOT GANTT CHART 16th Century newspapers marked the advent for commercial advertising GRAPHICS DESIGN The term computer graphics was first used in 1960 Developed as early as 79 AD with merchants advertising goods MODERN DEFINITION The art or profession of combining text, pictures, and ideas in advertisements, publication, or website VIDEO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Developed in 1951 by Charles P. Ginsburg DEVELOPED 30 YEARS LATER IN 1981 SOURCES 100k/docs/ldeogram.html C) wyzowl Ш

The Power of Visual Communication

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Visual communication is described as the conveyance of information and ideas in forms that can be read or looked upon. According to studies, people tend to remember about 20 percent of what they read,...





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