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The Power of Mobile

THE POWER OF MOBILE Immediate data input and fast response will result in more service level agreements met, more customers satisfied and more product moved without waste. COMPOSITE APPLICATION INTEGRATION AND SUPPORT IS OFTEN A REQUIREMENT FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS Gartner MEAP Magic Quadrant April 2011 Mobility is not just about connecting the mobile worker to the back-office system. Mobility is about people. It can connect mobile workers to each other, and use meaning that the mobile workforce location awareness to let them meet and support each other. It can connect them to requires applications that connect to their back-office colleagues, to subcontractors, and most importantly - to customers. multiple data sources and business Think of a "call the customer" button that the service engineer can touch while processes; a simple extension of one driving to the customer's site, to save a few minutes of both their time. business process into the mobile Think of a team member instantly notified when another member has device is not enough. completed part of their shared task, or receiving a safety alert if the other member hasn't moved or interacted with the system for too long. presented by ClickSoftware Making Service Click if the average FORTUNE by just 10%, it could realize a $2.01 BILLION 1000 ANNUAL REVENUE INCREASE found a 2010 study by the University of Texas at Austin. How could a company increase its data usability? Allow remote access to the company's network via Mobile Devices. business increased the usability of its data LET THEM EAT CAKE BYOD - BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE employees expect mobility 66% of employees want IT to let them use any device they choose O SECURITY 57% 45% of IT workers aren't prepared to support a borderless mobile workforce 34% BUDGET 61% of Companies that let employees use personal mobile device have higher employee satisfaction. TOP 3 BARRIERS TO BYOD 17% STAFF EXPERTISE MOBILITY PHASE 1 LAPTOPS GPS One of the oldest 58% of road warriors travel without a laptop. Traveling light is their #1 priority. forms of mobility. More time. Field mobility workers recover about 54 minutes of downtime per day when their organization utilizes GPS solutions. This equates to average annual recouped labor costs of $5,484 per employee. Fuel consumption. GPS field workers drive an average of 231 FEWER MILES PER WEEK resulting in $51,582 in annual savings. source: Holiday Inn Express Survey SMARTPHONES RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE Increase speed in serving customer. Better serves customers by closing time Choosing smartphones over custom devices reduces training time and increases familiar usability. Combining the advantages of location awareness (GPS) with location-based windows, and increasing service speed. Using cameras on phones allows Information to be captured, analyzed and managed in real-time. Best in class field strategy. Cementing GPS as a crucial component real-time decision making and scheduling MOBILITY PHASE 2 IN THE CLOUD the entire network available remotely, anytime, anywhere including free software and updates without compatibility issues or in office IT manage- MANAGE: • Operating System • Software Patches EMBEDDED: • Location • Over the air data encryption • Antivirus and firewall Protection DISTRIBUTION: • Software • Updates • Information • Content ment. CLOUD TRACK • Assets • Hardware • Software Inventory • Software License Compliance ADDITIONS: • Device kill and data deletions for lost or stolen devices Backup and restoration of data INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY 70 PERCENT TABLETS are the most effective mobile form factor. Tablets by design strike the balance between the usability of a laptop and the portability of a smartphone. of employees with smart- phones regularly check their emails outside of normal business hours. ARE TABLETS THE BEST MOBILE DEVICE? BENEFITS FROM MOBILITY For employees that fill out lots of forms, search/correlate data, or regularly share graphs. • Reduced labor expenses • Higher job completion rates • Reduced paperwork • Improved customer service and response times • Productivity improvements • Reduced liability • More accurate billing & record keeping 42 of employees log onto their business email accounts while PERCENT home on sick leave. Usability of a laptop + portability of a smartphone = win. 43% of employees connect to their emails on their smartphones in order to get ahead and ease their workloads for the following business day. Empowers workers to: 1- Create content on mobile devices • Increased customer satisfaction 2- Write longer emails with attachments 3- Use workplace apps: • Reduced sales cycles • Streamlined workflow with added visibility Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Increased productivity and efficiencies • Reduced operational costs • Improved data collection and accuracy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) During downtime, 91 percent of employees (91 check their smartphone every six to 12 minutes Human Resource (HR) time and expenses. PERCENT WHO BENEFITS FROM MOBILITY? Deploying & Managing Mobile Apps in the Field Used for applications in vertical processes: work order tasks, data capture, spare parts ordered, inspection check offs. Particularly in the public sector and utilities industries, the conversion to paperless mobile workflows has a high return on investment (ROI) from reduced administrative expense increased data accuracy and reduced cycle time. FIVE KEY QUESTIONS TODAY, ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY FUELED BY MOBILE APPLICATIONS IS ENJOYED BY: • How broad is the provider's portfolio? • Managers • Sales Reps • Customer Service Agents • Warehouse managers and many more • Field Service Technicians • Retail Associates • Are the mobile apps easily configurable? • Are the apps entirely device agnostic? Learn the top tips for a successful enterprise mobility project • How fully and easily can your apps be integrated with back end systems? CLICKSOFTWARE.COM/MOBILE-WORKFORCE • Can you add features & functionality without extensive upgrades? presented by ClickSoftware developed by: NOWSOURCING.COM Making Service Click

The Power of Mobile

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ClickSoftware’s new infographic just launched, the digital ink is still drying. This powerful infographic explores how the mobile revolution has connected people in business and life, and what the f...


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