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The Power of Influencer Marketing

T tapinfluence Nielsen Catalina In collaboration with: nc SOLUTIONS Influencer Marketing Drives 11X MORE ROI VS All Other Forms of Digital Media We have the data to prove it. We're not talking earned media value. We're talking actual sales lift - real revenue directly tied to marketing spend. HOW DID WE DO IT? Taplnfluence collaborated with Nielsen Catalina Solutions and a fortune 500 food brand to conduct the first ever study to connect influencer marketing to sales. Influencer Marketing THE RESULTS WERE 23 $23 GAME-CHANGING $/$ ROI annually* *Based on Taplnfluence and customer data Influencer Marketing blows away other studies, creating $285 in incremental sales per 1000 views. That leads to 11X the ROI of traditional Best Banner Ads Average Banner Ads $4.30 advertising annually.* $2.15 So how does Taplnfluence marketing work? Well, it's all about quality content created by our network of trusted influential consumers - it's genuine, relatable, and motivating. This translates to sales. $/$ ROI ROI Doubles $30.00 $25.00 Influencer Content Lives On $20.00 ..........* f $15.00 Traditional Ad Spend Ends $10.00 $5.00 $0.00 Mar Apr Мay Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Unlike a paid digital ad, influencer content stays online forever, continuing to perform with earned media value growing at $0 extra investment. So what? How about 2X the impressions after the campaign ended. ROI doubling after three months! No other channel gives you that kind of return for free. 2X Impressions Campaign Goes Live Post Campaign Views 120,000 Views Post Campaign 100,000 (extremely long tail) 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan But wait, there's more. Without Taplnfluence's automated solution powering our clients' influencer marketing, results would have been 3X lower. So Influencer Data while influencer marketing alone works, the right technology boosts your performance significantly. Audience Data Performance Data Our platform matches you with the best talent, tapping into the highest ROI potential. HOW THE PLATFORM WORKS: 1. Develop Programs 3. Share Assignments Audieo 111M) Views (4M) Eny OCT 15 Vegan Clean Eatı. In. TOP 50 FOOD TOP 50 LIFESTYLE| TOP о 163K + A 1M Est. Facebook e Est. Pinterest + Create new program Vegan Clean Eating Corn Chowder ay N... GO TO POS. 12K © 105K O 4M Chungah Rhee SHARE TO: I ACTIVE PROGRAMS Damn Delicious VERS Audience Reach 46K (0.74%) Brand 1 O1 Pin(s) Brand Description Audience Details Overview Assignments O 1 Share(s) TOP 50 FOOD TOP 50 BLOGS TOP Cashew Hum- Amanda 2. Select your Influencers 4. Measure Results Using Taplnfluence 10X ROI Taplnfluence's complete solution is driving exponentially better sales compared to anything else you're doing. Why continue buying underperforming banner ads when you can get your message heard with marketing that actually works? Manual Influencer Marketing Want to know more about our platform and measurement practice? Read the case study and watch the webinar at: tapinfluence

The Power of Influencer Marketing

shared by lpmcgill on Aug 17
This project involved using a groundbreaking study on the effects of influencer marketing to create an infographic and video, taking advantage of the strengths of both media. You can view the full m...




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