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The Power Of Conversational Content

jdr group digital prosperity The power of CONVERSATIONAL CONTENT idr aroup Writing in a conversational style is basically writing as if you were talking to someone. The power of this is that it draws the reader in more than other forms of content. LISTEN TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS This may be extremely difficult to do at first but when you get the hang of it, and the more you do it, the better you will be able to write conversationally. Just pay attention to the way you talk to others and how others talk to you. Try to have that in your mindset whilst you are writing your content. Of course there are times when you wouldn't want to type something as you'd say it, but the more you can the more powerful your content will be. WRITE AS IF YOU WERE TALKING TO A FRIEND How do you feel about the content you are currently writing for your website or any marketing that you do? Whilst you are putting content together, think as if you were just having a normal conversation with one of your friends. The way you talk to them is going be different to the way you usually write. ADDRESS THE READER If you want to write effectively, you need to address the reader directly. The best way to do this is to try and forget about writing in the third person. Write as if you are talking one-on-one. You can use phrases like "you can do this by..." instead of things like "one can do this by." or "a marketer can do this by..." This will help you create a much more conversational style piece of content that will help keep your readers attention for longer. BE FORMAL BUT NOT TOO FORMAL You are probably thinking how can you be formal but not too formal at the same time? By being formal I mean using punctuation and grammar correctly and not using slang, as this may not suit a more professional audience. The way you can be more informal is by writing more naturally, as if you were in a conversation. CONCLUSION Conversational content is key to engaging your readers and writing in a way which is easy for them to read and absorb. If at first it seems slightly alien to you, just keep trying! It will soon become second nature. The benefits are that visitors will stay longer on your site, conversion rates will increase and Google will look more favourably on your content too. You in 8+ Tube jdr group [email protected] Tel: 01332 343281 digital prosperity powered by Piktochart make information beautiful

The Power Of Conversational Content

shared by dankezci31 on Jan 14
This infographic shows you just how powerful conversational content can be. It demonstrated how important content marketing is and how it can benefit your business.


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