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The Power of Color

THEPOWEROF COLOR How Decisioning and Analytics Brings Colorful Customer Centricity to Your Businesses What does an average customer look like? Many Communications Service Providers (CSPS) segment their consumer customer bases using dimensions such as socio-demographic factors, ARPU, contract life stages, marketing-defined customer types, handset ownership and so on. MR AND MRS AVERAGE A black and white approach CSPS try to make the best matches for bundles and offerings to those segments so that they can increase revenue and maintain or improve market position against a rapidly changing landscape of competitors and consumer value perception. CAMPAIGN BASED APPROACH However, dealing with averages means that they are unable to really answer questions about their OFFER customers such as: Which ones are the most profitable? Which ones will accept their offers? It also means that they have to define and implement average customer processes and actions because they cannot be sure to match marketing, sales or customer service action against a specific customer's needs. OFFER OFFER 3 WHICH CUSTOMERS WILL ACCEPT OFFERS? WHICH CUSTOMERS ARE MOST PROFITABLE? POOR CONVERSION THE OUTCOME? INCONSISTENT HIGH CHURN UNHAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE RATES CUSTOMERS PLEASE HOLD. CSPS ACHIEVE AVERAGE RESULTS AT BEST, WHICH ARE FAR FROM WHAT THEY NEED IN ORDER TO MEET THE EXPECTATIONS OF THEIR SHAREHOLDERS AND THE MARKET IN GENERAL. 2 CUSTOMER INTERESTS COME IN LOTS OF COLORS Each customer is an individual Instead of using averages and broad segmentation to guess the best actions and offers for customers – the equivalent of seeing customers in just black and white. -TREAT EACH CUSTOMER AS AN INDIVIDUAL. USE CUSTOMER HISTORY AND CONTEXT TO PREDICT NEXT-BEST-ACTION. T CSPS NEED TO SEE EACH CUSTOMER IN VIVID COLORS. Using predictive and adaptive analysis and sophisticated decision management, CSPS can treat each customer as an individual, using their history and context to predict the Next-Best-Action that will satisfy their individual needs while achieving business objectives. NEXT-BEST-ACTION MARKETING .... O u. .... ......... ......... ......... BAND- WIDTH CHANNELS THANK YOU! JUST WHAT PERFECT! I NEED! CSPS CAN PAINT THEIR CUSTOMER PROCESSES TO MAKE THEM MORE SPECIFIC, MORE RELEVANT, MORE PROACTIVE AND MORE EFFECTIVE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER. 3 A LIFETIME OF INSTANCES To derive the maximum value from understanding the nuances of each customer, CSPS need the ability to apply color to all their customer processes, all of the time and across the full customer lifecycle. Customer Customer Risk: stomer Value Retention: Customer Customer Growth: Optimization: Acquisition: Take proactive actions and apply differentiated Take preemptive and proactive actions to retain the most valuable customers and As you gain the customer's trust, As more data is analyzed look at margins for each product and service for each Find the right type of customers and increase cross- strategies to mitigate the risks of a customer offer them the selling and up- selling, but only with relevant offers most relevant and extend the attractive offers. customer, choose customer's entering the collections cycle. the best channels. delivered at the lifetime value. right time. ANALYTICS ANALYTICS for Differentiated for Targeted Offers ANALYTICS ANALYTICS for X-Sell and ANALYTICS Customer Service for Risk Mitigation Up-Sell for Customer Churn WITH PEGA'S COLOR ENGINE, CSPS CAN PAINT VIBRANT CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS WITH EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER, WITH EVERY OFFER, ACROSS EVERY CHANNEL AND IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. Pega Color Engine Pega's unique Next-Best-Action Marketing allows our CSP clients to deliver colorful customer centricity to their businesses. It enables CSPS to the vast volumes of customer that they already have use the uniqueness of each customer to their advantage. Our clients are able to apply customer color in real time to each customer interaction to make the conversation meaningful, relevant and within the context. CSPS employ Pega Next-Best-Action Marketing to add color to each action within unified processes that deliver on their promises. They apply color to processes across any channel, across the silos of back-offices operations, in real time and over time. They deliver consistent and coherent user experiences through inbound and outbound communications, through traditional channels (phone, retail, mail) and new channels (social media, mobile, interactive TV, etc.) Most importantly, they deliver seamless execution by making the right promises in the front office while automating fulfilment in the back office. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Pega wwW.PEGA.COM ABOUT PEGASYSTEMS Pegasystems revolutionizes how leading organizations optimize customer experience and automate operations. Six of the 10 largest global CSPS use Pega technology to deliver an exceptional customer experience, improve retention rates and maximize customer lifetime value. Our patented Build for Change® technology empowers business people to create and evolve their critical business systems. Pegasystems is the recognized leader in business process management and is also ranked as a leader in customer relationship management software by leading industry analysts. For more information, please visit us at .******** .........

The Power of Color

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By applying color to all of their customer processes at the moment of truth, communications service providers can take the next best actions relevant to each customer. Doing this over the life times o...





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