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Pot and Marijuana Penny Stocks

Peter Leeds takes a look at Pot Stocks CRIME INCREASE COLORADO: First 2 months of recreational marijuana sales 0% PROPERTY CRIMES VIOLENT CRIMES* HOMICIDE RATE ROBBERIES* 14% 2.4% 67% 7% * Compared to the same timeframe in the previous year (Source: Colorado Department of Public Safety) ********** ******* TAX REVENUE expectations from marijuana sales: $20- $134 million (Source: AP) LEGAL RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA SOON TO BE LEGAL (AS OF MAR 2014) Colorado Washington Alaska California Maine Oregon LEGAL MEDICINAL MARIJUANA: WASHINGTON MONTANA NORTH ALASKA OREGON DAKOTA MINNESOTA MAINE IDAHO VERMONT SOUTH DAKOTA WISCONSIN WYOMING NEW HAMPSHIRE MICHIGAN MASSACHUSETTS NEW YORK uODE ISLAND NEVADA NEBRASKA UТАН PENNSYLVAIA NEW JERSEY COLORADO OHIO DELAWARE MARYLAND wes CALIFORNIA KANSAS MISSOURI VIRGINIA KENTUCKY NORTH CAROUNA ARIZONA NEW OKLAHOMA TENNESSEE ARKANSAS SOUTH AROUNA MISSISSIPPI Legal as of 2014 TEXAS GEORGIA ALABAMA LOUISIANA Soon to be legal A CROSS SECTION OF THE MARKET GW PHARM PARTIAL LIST OF USES/APPLICATIONS: (Source: United Patients Group) GWPH 800 CANNAVEST CANV 800 Multiple Sclerosis (BY COMPANY SIZE) Heart Disease Melanoma Dermatomyositis Industrial hemp Cancer Dementla Arthrits Gout Shingles MEDBOX MDBX 409 Aspergers Migralnes ADHD Depression Anxdety Disorders Eplepsy Chemotherapy Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Myelold Leukemla Sinusitis Dlarrhea Diverticultis Dysthymic Disorder sleep Disorders Menlere's Disease Dispensing + Storage Systems Asth ma Muscle spasms Back Paln Muscular Dystrophy GROWLIFE PHOT 400 Eczema Emphysema Spinal Stenosis Endometriosis Indoor Gardening Equipment Bell's Palsy Bpolar Disorder Nightmares Stuttering Tardive Dyskinesla(TD) Epididymitis Temporomandibular Jolnt syndrome(TMI) Felty's Syndrome Fbromyalgla Thyrolditis Griedrelch's Ataxla Obesity Porphyrla Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cerebral Palsy Cervical Disk Disease Cervicobrachlal Syndrome Premenstrual Syndrome(PMS) Quadriplegia Cocalne Dependence Colitis Raynauds Disease Conjunctivitis Constipation Restless Legs Syndrome(RLS) Schizophrenla Arthropathy Scoliosis Delirlum Tremens Sedative Dependence Psorlasis Pulmonary Fibrosis Chronic Renal Fallure NUVILEX NVLX 287 Gastritis Tletzes Syndrome Genital Herpes Tourettes Biotech Strokes Concussions Tinnitus Glaucoma Glaucoma MEDICAL MARIJUA NA MJNA 172 Dlabetes Graves Disease Wasting Syndrome Wasting Syndrome Initable bowel syndrome Menstrual Issues Insomnia Management solutions Nausea Paln TERRA TECH PTSD TRTC 170 Spastidity Stress Impotence Amphetamine Dependence Amyloldosis Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS) Angina Pectoris Lou Gehrigs Disease Motion Sickness Pregnancy issues Obsessve Compulsve Indoor agriculture Disorder Bulimla Oplate Dependence osteoarthritis Panic Disorder Perpheral Neuropathy Insomnla Parkinsons Disease HEMP. INC. НЕМР 160 Industrial hemp ACCORDING TO THE PETER LEEDS TEAM: The majority of marijuana- related stocks are dramatically CANNABIS SCIENCE CBIS 85 Cannabis pharma Dyslexla. Acqulred Hypothyroldsm over-valued. This recent review Hepatitis C Agoraphobla Huntington's Disease Alcohol Abuse Hypertenston Whiplash Hemophilla A GREENGRO included an assessment of their GRNH 58 Autism financial positions, prospects, and sales. Investors getting involved at these levels run the Lyme Disease Alzhelmers Disease Agriaultural Science Systems Anorexda MEDISWIPE 26 HV / AIDS risk of paying far too much for the shares, and face significant downside exposure. MWIP Autism Crohn's Disease MCAP (M) Medical consulting & Lymphoma management solutions ABOUT PETER LEEDS Peter Leeds uncovers penny stocks of exceptional quality for subscribers of the Peter Leeds newsletter, which is one of the most popular financial publications of any kind. Over 35,000 subscriptions sold! PETER LEEDS AP Associated Press CNN Penny Stocks NVEST IN NBC DUMMIES 'ENNY OCBS The Boston Globe FOXHD BUSINESS TOCKS YAHOO! Los Angeles Times f in t You Tube 8+ 00 NITE

Pot and Marijuana Penny Stocks

shared by PeterLeeds on Apr 22
Despite the widely accepted benefits of marijuana, there are risks to investors who have been paying way too much for shares of most pot penny stocks. Tax revenues are great, dropping crime rates are...


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