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Pie Chart Controversy

THE 360 ON PIE CHARTS OVERVIEW A pie chart is a statistical graphic cut into SLICES The first known publication of a pie chart occurred in in William Playfair's "Statistical Breviary." 1801 CARTE Satiutiuqus Agviamten fame de poda to illustrate numerical proportion. TYPES OF PIE CHARTS STANDARD DONUT A flat circle cut into Similar to a standard various slices where pie chart except that each slice represents the center is blank. a proportion of the whole pie. EXPLODED POLAR AREA A pie chart with one slice separated from A pie chart where the slices are equal angles the rest in order to and instead differ in highlight it. their length from the center of the circle. CONTROVERSY Many people hate pie charts. They are pretty, but can be difficult to decipher with certain data sets. Sometimes, you should use a bar graph instead. USE IF DON'T USE IF there are only a there are COUPLE slices MANY slices With only a few slices of varying proportions to Having many slices that are similar in size makes compare, it is easy for the viewer to understand the it difficult for the viewer to understand the relationship between the relationship between the different slices. different slices. NEW in 2015: Enhance your infographics with Zanifesto's new custom charts & graphs builder. * Made for FREE at *

Pie Chart Controversy

shared by Zanifesto on Jan 26
Some people hate pie charts. Passionately. Pie charts are pretty, but are terrible displays of data in certain situations. Learn when to use them and when to use other types of charts and graphs.


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