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Photography and Social Media

Photography & Social Media 81% of US population polled in 2014 take photos with a smartphone 19% of working population in the UK use smart phones to take pictures or film f) 250 billion pictures are stored on Facebook 60 million photos are posted to Instagram every day 880 billion photos were estimated to be taken in 2014 How the sites compare Instagram Bought by Facebook for $1 billion Now accounts for 16% of Facebook's revenue Tumblr Worth $35 billion by December 2014 Micro blogging website but also used for photographic content O Yahoo also bought this company in 2013 for $1.1 billion Flickr Has faced criticism for possible violations of copyright with its 'reblogging' tool O Acquired by Yahoo in 2005 O Hosting 6 billion images O 87 million registered users. Flickr Formed in March 2010 O 2.5 billion page views O 125% growth in intenational traffic in 2013 Why people use photo sharing sites Social sharing and social media sites are becoming increasingly integrated, e.g. Facebook buying Instagram. Integration More photo sharing means more data for companies to utilise in mobile advertising campaigns. Online photography apps are increasingly allowing users to edit and arguably professionalise their photos. Advertiser Software Friendly Social sharing sites are fostering an increasing sense of community, especially with particular hashtag campaigns. Anyone can view photographs across any platform, meaning that photography has taken on more of a mass market appeal. Community Accessibility ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Dilutes the need for professional photography Encourages sharing of photographs Increased marketing power and website traffic De-skills the art of developing photos Photographs on social media often projed a very idealised reality. Creates online communities CHALLENGES/QUESTIONS : A lot of the high profile social media photography companies are quickly bought up by larger companies: how does this affect new start ups? The future of online privacy and what photos are shared with whom. The impact of social media photography on professions which rely on professionals e.g. journalism, fashion robbennett photographer business/15-facts-you--need-to-know-about-pinterest/

Photography and Social Media

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Photography and social media have become inexorably linked, with more and more social media users sharing visual content through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. So what are the statistics...



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