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Perspectory:Luxury Houses who's winning social media?

perspectory Luxury Houses bigger data. better results. who's winning social media? Dior CHANEL LVMH MOËT HENNESSY. LOUIS VUITTON RICHEMONT KERIN G At Perspectory we've always loved fashion and luxury. In this infographic, we've compared five of the world's biggest fashion conglomerates* and how they fared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - we added employee count and revenue** for comparison. Enjoy and share! 13.89% € 30.89bn €137.99bn 4.55% €10.15bn € 223bn Other Luxury Brands 61.88% *emphasis on luxury retailers or holding companies with high-end brands in their portfolios Global 2.26% €5.03bn Luxury Spending 4.37% €9.75bn **2013 earnings as per disclosure from parent companies with the exception of Chanel (Forbes) 13.05% € 29.10bn LVMH Dior continues to dominate the MOẾT HENNESSY. LOUS VUITON luxury goods and apparel retail worlds. If it were its own country, it would rank 99 in nominal GDP, ahead of nearly half of the world. € 5.92bn KERING CHANEL €11.94bn Chanel and Dior are unique as they offer a single brand experi- ence (unlike the other 3 which represent several brands). However, Chanel is privately owned by the descendants of Coco Chanel's early investor, unique for 100+ year old companies in any industry RICHEMONT Dior € 11.47bn € 36.44bn € 34.23bn LVMH As single brand experiences, Louis Vuitton cleans up on Facebook (18.3mn), with Dior (14.6mn) and Chanel (14.2mn) a far second and 35,963,433 MOET HENNESSY. LOUIS VUTTON KERING third CHANEL Louis Vuitton Checkins: fans loved checking in to Chanel (60,529 visits) over 37x more often than Dior (1,612 visits) 18,312,169 14,165,987 RICHEMONT Dior 45,381,529 11,973,336 tf 14,613,457 LVMH's portfolio brands (49, excluding Dior) command over 45mn Facebook likes or nearly the population of Spain (46.5mn) LVMH MOET HENNESSY.IOUS VUTION KERING 5,260,000 CHANEL RICHEMONT Dior 7,337,060 1,511,106 Kering, with only 21 brands (compare to LVMH's 50) wins Twitter with over 8mn followers 8,150,856 5,830,000 Chanel (5.86m) trumps over (Dior 5.26m) by nearly 500,000 followers, and does so with about 250 fewer tweets (933 vs 1180) 5,713,509 2,237,672 LVMH With over 3.4mn followers, Louis Vuitton rules Instagram (654 posts) MOET HENNESSY. LOUS VUITTON KERING Chanel with its heavily curated (reserved, much?) approach to this platform, has gathered an enviable 2.23mn followers with only 18 posts half teasers from a TV spot, and the other half from a launch party of the same featuring Karl Lagerfeld and Gisele Bundchen CHANEL RICHEMONT Dior 2,459,850 Dior took 384 posts to boast 2.17mn followers, and came after Chanel Louis Vuitton 3,411,633 2,186,277 9,028,308 LVMH LVMH and Dior's heavy cross-ownership results in a shared employee poolboth brands are represented with a headcount (114.6k) exceeding the other three put together (62.7k) MOET HENNESSY. LOUS VUITTON KERING 114,635 CHANEL Chanel, with 310 locations worldwide, RICHEMONT does not reveal its headcount. An esti- mate 1,270 employees yields a per employee revenue of €4.7mn, which seems unlikely Dior 31,415 29,980 1,270 AS perspectory Perspectory is a portmanteau of two words, perspective and observatory. In this never ending stream of data, we zero in on parameters and search queries to provide relevant, actionable insights. Like a telescope aimed at a clear night sky, we provide you your own focused perspec- tive from an observatory of infinite data. We deliver accurate, denoised, business worthy insights. bigger data. better results. Sources (2013 data): social media data is aggregated over 275 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of 85+ brands stream/2065/35709/1/WasedaBusiness%26EconomicStudies_47_Nagasawa2.pdf sReglementees/01,02_RapportsFinanciers.aspx/

Perspectory:Luxury Houses who's winning social media?

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At perspectory we've always loved fashion and luxury. In this infographic,we've compared five of the world's biggest fashion conglomerates* and how they fared on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram-we added e...


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