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The Perfect Contact Page

THE PERFECT CONTACT PAGE (FOR FREELANCERS, AGENCIES, AND CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS) EMOTIONAL CONNECTION WELCOME I WITTY HEADER Something witty that goes with your style and shows you are serious...but not too serious. Kind of like a mullet, business in the front, party in the back. POWER ANALOGY: People work with people they like. Focus on building an instant connection from the first line of your contact form. Showcase your skills, talent and experience in a way that communicates your personality and connects to your audience. CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Client testimonials can be incredibly powerful. Just make sure they aren't too perfect, or people won't believe them. GOOD CLIENT, BAD CLIENT 4 Include a brief list of verticals you specialize in and mention at least one or two you don't work in. CONTEXT & TESTIMONIAL CREDIBILITY APPROXIMATE DEADLINE How fast does the client want this project completed? Is it reasonable? Recommended options: Urgent, 2 months, 6 months, no specific timeline. MISSION OF PROJECT Here is where you want the client to explain what the project is about and who it serves. NEEDS DISCOVERY REQUIREMENT DOCUMENTS This section shows that you are comfortable working with larger companies. It's worth adding. PROBLEM AWARENESS Does this client have clear deliverables in mind, or do they need some hand-holding? In this section, you want to understand how aware the client is of their problem because it will frame many of your future conversations. YEARS IN BUSINESS nree. se/problem-awareness This question is controversial, but it may give you some perspective if they are a good fit for you. CLIENT FIT 11 PRICE ANCHOR Is this someone you really want to work with? 10 A simple drop-down box listing different price ranges. Make sure the lowest is above your ideal minimum and the highest is outside your comfort zone. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? eg. If you won't work for less than $3k and want $5k jobs, offer price ranges starting at $3k, $5k, $10k. Including this question is an easy way to understand where your customers are coming from. Don't miss the referral engine: CONTACT INFO 12 Name, email, website, and phone. MOTIVATION FILTER 13 Learn how this one question can filter out ANYTHING ELSE? over 80% of your problem clients. You'd be surprised at the gems that can show up in this box. It's definitely worthwhile, don't overlook it. SUBMIT CONFIRMATION MESSAGE SET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS A simple confirmation message informing the user of what to expect. next, a phone number to call, and maybe even the name of a future point of contact. 14 Be sure to set an expectation of follow-up time and what to expect next. LIKE THIS GUIDE? Get more actionable tools and guides at 2. 3.

The Perfect Contact Page

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After surveying 1,886 websites in the design, development, advertising, and coaching verticals we found that only 8.7% of these companies used any pre-qualification questions on their contact or "hire...


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