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Pen Theft by Numbers

OFFICE PEN THEFT BY THE NUMBERS DID YOU KNOW THAT... A pen is twice as likely to go missing as opposed to a stapler, a pair of scissors or tape. 00 of office employees have had a pen 70% go MIA, and nearly 40 per cent of them caught the culprit in the act. A whopping 100% of the thousand employees surveyed admitted to taking a coworker's pen at one time or another. But before you start fitting your pen with a lock know that 78 per cent claimed it was a mistake, as opposed to 22 per cent owning up to the deed. BUT WHY? 50% of those who took someone else's pen said they did it because they liked the way it writes 36% stole because they fancied the pen's looks 34% said they took it because they liked its colour JUSTICE? Close to half of those surveyed said yes, they're actually willing to take time away from their daily tasks to get their pens back. Nearly a quarter of employees said they would steal it back (an eye for an eye, a pen for a pen?). Nearly 10 per cent are willing to confront the offender by calling them out to a meeting. A brave 5 per cent (hats off to you!) said they would secretly slap a note on the accused's back, labeling them a "Pen Thief." theofficesuppliessupermarket checkout happy! THEOFFICESUPPLIESSUPERMARKET.COM

Pen Theft by Numbers

shared by Laurensmol on Jun 28
We all know the feeling when we return to out Office Space and our favourite Pen has gone missing, but why do our co-workers feel the need to steal our pens.



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