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PayLane's 9th Birthday!

EPISODE IX PAYLANE'S BIRTHDAY 81. 26. 2013 A YEAR IN NUMBERS 01. 26. 2014 A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY 9 years ago, PayLane launched into the business universe. In travels through distance and time many worlds were conquered and galaxies discovered. Today the Empire stands befóre the Online Payments Republic as a triumphant victor in 9 years of excellent business, many corny jokes, and continuous hard work to improve the E-Commerce Galaxy. And now. We look through last year's achievements so as to recognize those who fight every day for the better of the Republic. 1 book was published also the number of people who failed to wear a PayLane T-shirt to the Holiday Party. And the number of people to ever get hit by space junk. 2. children were born which is also the number of Mars' moons: Fobos and Dimos. WE ARE 37 YEARS OLD ON MERCURY. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON MARCH 22, 2014 3,6m the length of our new white board. also the length of the ESO Telescope that found 135 exoplanets. 8 the number of cats we own. Their combined average weight on Earth is 48.8 kg. That's about 44.2 kg on Venus. WE ARE 14 YEARS OLD ON VENUS. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON APRIL 19, 2014 21 sport competitions we took part in. also, the percent of oxygen in our atmosphere. 27°C average.temperature in our office. it's 300 degrees in K. It's hot, but we have nothing on the Sun. WE ARE 9 YEARS OLD ON EARTH. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON JANUARY 26, 2015 160 currencies in our offer. 160 x1000 000 000 = the amount of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy 288 pizza slices we ate during key notes. lined up they amount to 0.0648 km. At this rate, we'll reach Outer Space in 51 years! WE ARE 5 YEARS OLD ON MARS. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON JUNE 22, 2014 323 Tweets sent. If those were light years; we would reach the North Star. 427 Books read.. Make each book a light year and thát's pretty much how far away Betelgeuse is. WE ARE 0.75 YEARS OLD ON JUPITER. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON DECEMBER 06, 2816 753 corny jokes töld this year. Averaging at 2min per joke, that's the amount of jokes needed to humor.Cosmonaut Gherman Titov during his entire 1961 mission to orbit Earth 17 times in 25 hours! 1939 opened IT tasks. 1939 is the year Robert Oppenheimer and Hartland Snyder wrote "On Continued Gravitational Attraction" which featured the first mentioned of a Black Hole. WE ARE 8.3 YEARS.OLD ON SATÜRN: OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON JULY 12, 2034 jogged. That's enough to run around Jupiter's moon Himalia about 4 tìmes. 2165 73% new subscribers to our newsletter. increase since 2012 On March 12th, 2165 there will be a total solar eclipse, according to Fred Espenak and Jean Meeas with the use of VSOP87 Theory. WE ARE 8.1 YEARS OLD ON URANUS. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON JANUARY 30, 2089 2529 new opened accounts. 784,3% increase since 2012 And it takes approximately 2570 megalight years to.reach the Andromeda Galaxy. 2761 phone calls answered. Make that kilolight-years and that's the distance to the Triangulum Galaxy. . WE ARE 0:85 YEARS OLD ON NEPTUNE. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON NOVEMBER 12, 2169 6840 mail conversations with clients. In light-years that's enough to reach the SN1054 Supernova in the Taurus Constellation. 28 400km traveled. This means we've circled the Moon almost twice this year! " WE ARE 0.836 YEARS OLD ON PLUTO. OUR NEXT BIRTHDAY IS ON SE PTEMBER 3, 2253 EUEN THOUGH YOU'RE NOT A PLANET ANYMORE, PLUTO, WE STILL LOUE YOU! 76 546 mails sent. On Dec 12, 2013, the planatoid 2013XS, missed Earth by about 73 000 km. 89 188 songs listened to. Assuming each song is 4min long, that's about 247,5 days of non stop music and enough to entertain you during a flight to Mars. FINAL FACT FROM THE DARK CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE the number of times our Lord of SITH has turned on the lights.

PayLane's 9th Birthday!

shared by PayLane on Feb 05
A creative and funny infographic with all the serious and less serious facts about how this past year has been at PayLane.



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