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Parts and Components of Oil Drilling Rigs

O PARTS & COMPONENTS OF OIL DRILLING RIGS Oil is a very important component of economic growth. Maria Bartiromo Oil Drilling Rigs Parts & Components - A Depiction 15. Derrick or Mast 1.Crown Block Used for lifting and positioning the drill string and all machinery necessary for turning the drill string above the well bore. A muster of pulleys that is mounted on beams at the top of derrick, 2.Top Drive 16.Traveling Block Comprised of pulleys or sheaves through which wire rope is threaded. More sheaves enables heavier loads. A motor suspended from the derrick used to turn the 24 drill string during drilling operations. A top drive replaces the traditional Kelly or rotary table and lessens the manual labor involved for the drilling process 13 17.Engine Generator Sets 3.Doghouse or Driller's Shack It consists of engines, generator and a mechanical transmission to produce power for the drilling rig Onshore it acts as an office 15 for a driller and a storehouse for minor entities. Offshore it acts as an enclosure for 25 electronics that controls the 18.Drawworks equipment on the rig floor A machine consisting of a large-diameter spool, brakes and power source, used in reeling in and out of the drilling line. 16 4.Blowout Preventer [Pipe ram & blind ram] Uses rams to seal pressure. It comes with interchangeable ram blocks that accommodate 22 NE various O.D. drill pipe, casing. tubing, etc. 12 5.Drill Pipe The drill pipe facilitates the process of wellbore drilling. It revolves the drill bit and circulates the drilling fluid. 14 6.Drill Bit A module attached at the 23 end of the drill bit. It breaks 19.Mud Tanks or crushes rock structure that come in contact while Mud tanks are used to store drilling a wellbore. drilling fluid and are made up of steel tubes and steel plates 18 7.Mud Pump A component whose purpose is to dispense fluid down to the drill string and then back to the annulus under high pressure (about 52,000 kPa) 19 11 8.Shale Shakers Consists of sieves/screens that removes drill cuttings and other solids present in the fluids used for drilling operations. The sieve/screen size is chosen based on the size of the solids 21 9.Mud Gas Separator It separates the mud and the gas that comes out 10 from the well 20.Mud Pit It is an excavated earthen pit in which drilling fluid would be stored. The pit is lined with plastic to prevent the soil from mixing with the fluid. 10.Pipe Racks Used to stockpile pipes, power cables and instrument cable trays. Also supports mechanical equipment, vessels and valve access platforms 21.Choke Manifold It is an assembly of pipes and valves. Drilling mud is circulated through this when the blowout preventers are shut to control the pressure encountered during a kick 22.Fuel Tank 11.Pipe Ramp It is used as a pathway for moving the drill pipe up to the drilling platform as well as to bring them down It stores fuel in large quantity that is required for rig generators and other rig equipment 23. Water Tank 12.Accumulator It stores water that would be used for mixing mud, cementing and rig cleaning It stores nitrogen pressurized hydraulic fluid that is required to operate the blowout preventers 24.Catline Boom & Hoist Line Catline Boom is used to lift heavy materials. It is erected near the top of the derrick. Hoist Line is power-driven by the cathead that lifts heavy 13.Monkey Board A platform on which the derrick man works while tripping pip 25.Drilling Line A thick, stranded metal cable 14.Electrical Control threaded through the traveling and crown blocks used to raise Room & bring down a drill string Engines run electric generators that produce electricity. The produced electricity is transferred to the distribution panel via cables. It is then used to feed the electric motors on the rig 26.Electric Cable Tray It is a supportive platform for heavy cables that feed power to the rig motors Thadequip INFOGRAPHIC PRESENTED BY International The Energy Equipment MarketPlace

Parts and Components of Oil Drilling Rigs

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