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Paper shredding services nj

INTELLIESHRED Call Now:1-866-747-3360 WHO WE ARE Information Destruction (NAID) and has obtained the highest level of security within the shredding industry, NAID "AAA" Certification. We serve clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Manhattan. We provide one-time or regularly scheduled document shredding services. Our document shredding is done at your location using our state-of-the-art trucks to assure the highest level of shredding security. We are the only shredding company in the area that uses IntelliTrack hand-held computers to record the volume of material we destroy for you. Additionally, we offer "On-Time or Shred for Free Guarantee" for regularly scheduled shredding service. We NEVER charge fuel surcharges or hidden fees. IntelliShred has been providing document security services since 1999 and is committed to providing service beyond expectation while maintaining the highest ethical standards and practices. Our clients depend on us for quality, service, security and integrity. If you would like a quick quote please call us at 908-237-4530. INTELLISSHRED AVELLESHRED 1-66-SHRED60 Dapet beariy Serives INTEOSHRED 7Al 1-86HREI ABOUT US IntelliShred is a full service document shredding, document security, and document management company serving New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We provide one-time or regularly scheduled paper shredding services. Our shredding is done at your location using our state-of-the-art truck to assure maximum shredding security. A truck mounted camera allows you to witness the process so you be assured your documents are irrevocably destroyed. Most document shredding companies bring your documents, along with many other customer's documents, back to their warehouse where they are hand-sorted and sold as recycled paper. This process creates multiple opportunities for a breach of security. With IntelliShred, your documents and are destroyed before we ever leave your location so you'll be completely assured they cannot be read or stolen by anyone. IntelliShred has been awarded the highest security rating, "AAA Certified" by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID acts as an independent auditor, confirming a shredding company's compliance in 22 critical areas, including everything from shred particle size to employee background checks. They award their highest rating to only a select few companies that meet these stringent security standards. In fact, fewer than 1 in 4 New Jersey or Pennsylvania shredding companies have been AAA Certified by NAID. Our leadership team has a combined 22 years of experience in the paper, document and product shredding business. We have a history of providing exceptional customer service. In addition to our state-of-the-art trucks, we use other leading edge technology to assure guaranteed on-time service, guaranteed price quotes, and money-saving usage tracking. Our philosophy is to provide honest, highly secure, reliable and dependable paper shredding and document management services at the lowest possible cost. Satisfactory service is not acceptable. We are committed to superior customer service. If you are located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and have document destruction, paper shredding, or document management needs please call us today at 1-866-747-3360 for a free price quote. COMPANY HISTORY IntelliShred's history is the story of two men determined to provide something different. IntelliShred is owned and operated by partners Rick Possumato and John Manzi. Rick and John have been business partners for over a decade and friends for over 35 years. They started a document shredding company called MobileShred in 1999. In four short years they built the company into one of the leading paper and product shredding companies in the New Jersey, and Pennsylvania markets. MobileShred was built on a foundation of personal, reliable customer service. Even at it's peak, customers knew that when the rare problem arose, they could always get in touch with John or Rick to make sure it was quickly handled. The success of the company attracted attention in the industry and a large national shredding company acquired MobileShred in 2003. John and Rick stayed on and built the branch into a multi-million dollar operation. The limitations of working for a large company ultimately led to John and Rick leaving the national company. The partners then started IntelliShred with a determination to provide the superior customer service that was the hallmark of their first company. IntelliShred was started with a commitment to use the newest technology to help provide the most secure document shredding available. That commitment has been recognized with AAA Certification by NAID, the independent auditor for information destruction companies. IntelliShred has grown quickly since its start and now provides paper and document shredding to a wide variety of customers in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. IntelliShred combines a unique combination of the leading-edge technology and superior customer service to provide our clients with the most secure and reliable paper and product shredding services in the market. Our leadership team is committed to personalized customer service that understands the unique needs of each of clients. Our philosophy and history explains how a company can combine the values of a family-owned business with leading edge technology to provide superior customer service. Please call us today at 1-866-SHRED60 for a free price quote. TECHNOLOGY How Technology Makes Your Document Destruction More Secure 1) On- Site Document Shredding Our shredding vehicles are state-of-the-art trucks that ensure maximum security. The trucks have built-in paper shredders that allow your documents to be shredded within the truck. We do not have to haul your documents back to a warehouse to shred them – something that all off-site shredding companies have to do. We shred your documents right in our truck, while it is still in your parking lot. You can witness the document destruction process as it happens by viewing the closed circuit video camera mounted outside the shredding truck. Our high-security shear shredders render your documents irrevocably destroyed. Companies that shred in long vertical strips run the risk of reassembly of those documents. Although it is rare and time-consuming, numerous news stories verify that fact that "strip shredded" documents can be reassembled. IntelliShred's "shear-shredded" documents are virtually impossible to reassemble. Off-site shredding companies that have to bring your documents back to a warehouse, hand-sort the collected information, and, invariably open up themselves to countless opportunities for loss of documents, theft, and other breaches in security. With IntelliShred that does not happen. Our technology assures your documents are shredded before they ever leave your property. 2) Uniquely Secure Shredding Containers Our regularly scheduled paper shredding service provides you with IntelliGard security containers to dispose of your confidential documents. Our containers are different than most paper shredding company's containers. Our IntelliGard containers have a double paper baffle that makes it virtually impossible to remove any paper once it is disposed of. Other containers can be surprisingly easy to tamper with and remove documents from – ours are virtually impossible to tamper with. 3) Computerized Usage Tracking Our regularly scheduled paper shredding service offers an important technological advance that few, if any competitive companies offer. We monitor the amount of paper you dispose of in your shredding container with our IntelliTrack PDAS. Before we empty your container into our shredding truck, we use this hand- held scanner to record the paper level in the container. We print you a usage receipt at the time of service and the scanner data is downloaded into our computer system at the office to track your usage over time. We can monitor your overall usage and based on that information we are often able to reduce our price – frequently by as much as 15% - if there is lower than expected paper volume in your business. Technology in the paper shredding industry means peace of mind, and the opportunity for lower costs. At IntelliShred our leadership team has a history of using leading edge technology to provide you with both. This philosophy is at the core of the company.

Paper shredding services nj

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Our shredding vehicles are state-of-the-art trucks that ensure maximum security. The trucks have built-in paper shredders that allow your documents to be shredded within the truck.


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