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Paper Covers Rock, Rock Covers Paper

Paper Covers Rock, People Cover Paper Look at a resume and you will learn some important facts about a potential hire: they have taught school for 15 years, they got their Master's Degree at UMBC, and they studied journalism at the University of Maryland. You might learn what some of their responsibilities are, and if they were in the same fraternity/sorority as you in college. What you won't learn is “who" they really are, what makes them tick, and if they are the right match for your office. 8 Traits that Trump the Resume 1.) PEOPLE SKILLS: The resume won't show if a candidate makes a habit of staring at their computer half of the day, shunning the human species, or if they are someone who can clearly communicate, work with others, and be productive. 2. GRACE UNDER PRESSURE: The resume will not tell you about the years the candidate spent “in the weeds" waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory where she honed her ability to handle herself in There's a FLY in my soup. You're today's WINNER! situations where there is no script. INTEGRITY& MORAL FIBER: These traits don't come across on a resume, but are important qualities to have as an employee. Maybe you spent your summers in high school on mission trips and never answer personal email at work. 4. WORK ETHIC: The resume may read like a dream, but is the prospect really prone to spending hours a day by the water cooler debating who is the "HOTTEST" While there's no denying Kim's physical assets, I believe that personality is a vital component of Kardashian sister? "hotness", therefore I must choose . .. Khloe. 5. CHARISMA: It's another stellar quality that doesn’t jump off the resume, although a skillful writer can slip some into a well-written cover letter. Someone who is charming, can think on their feet and has a sense of humor, as well as an ability to laugh at oneself, can really go far in most work environments. AMBITION: Aperson who is willing to jump at opportunities and wants to go as far as possible in the work environment should let that out during the interview. Think a toned-down Dwight Shroot. 7.) LEADERSHIP ABILITY: It's a major attraction for a company. If the resume doesn't address leadership abilities, then sell them in the interview. Talk about the done in your past diversity team building you've or present job. Talk about how you get your collegues to give their best. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: The interviewee who walks in and shows a positive attitude will go a lot further than an Eeyore. Deciding to make each day at work positive and productive even before you walk in the door will make your career positive Half FULL! and productive! * REMEMBER * A person is more than their resume. IF YOU ARE THE EMPLOYER, look beyond the resume. IF YOU ARE THE PROSPECTIVE HIRE, make sure to give the interviewer a feel for your "flavor"(as I once heard a basketball coach put it) in your cover letter and in your interview. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. As a kid's school theme song says, “Positive attitudes welcome success." TruYuu

Paper Covers Rock, Rock Covers Paper

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Although a resume can tell a potential employer a job candidate’s past experience, skills, and education (among other things), it can be difficult to determine who they really are — which is a key...




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