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Owning the Bowl: The History of the Multi-Part Super Bowl Ad

BUD LIGHT OWNING THE BOWL LIGI THE HISTORY OF THE MULTI-PART SUPER BOWL AD I WANT TO OWN THE SUPERBOWL 60 MIN SUPER B OWL GAMEPLAY August A. Busch III, 1989 THE PRIMACY EFFECT FOR BRANDS 45 MIN The multi-part Super SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL Bowl ad is born. TIME (average) Tell 1 Story - Use Multiple Spots Buy 1st half and 1st quarter ads: get recognized and remembered. - Buy Inventory In all 4 Quarters = Own the Bowl The Super Bowl is the world's largest TV event and the single biggest advertising opportunity there is. MANY MULTI-PART ADS WOULD FOLLOW, BUT NONE MORE LOVED, HATED AND REMEMBERED AS THE BUD BOWL. BUD BOWL I 1989 | 81M $675K BUD EGHT VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Budweiser launches the $5 million six-part stop motion series. Bob Costas and Paul Macguire call the 24-24 tie game SHARP between Bud and Bud Light. Runs eight years straight until 1997's Bud Bowl VIII. Boosted Bud sales by 17% THE BUD FROGS AND THE MASTER PLAN 1998 | 90M $1.3M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Bud, Weis, and Er star in a six-part series, squaring up against Louie the Lizard and The Ferret. One of the most popular ad campaigns of all time, and a huge success for Budweiser. YEAR OF THE SERIES SPOTS 2002 | 87M $2.1M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Multi-part spots explode, but lack Bud's storytelling and character. Quiznos Testing Series - "Blow Darts" and “Guillotine" Pepsi - Britney Spears Through Time Series Toyota Matrix - Robot Chase PS2- Jak and Daxter Resort MLife Series CAREER BUILDER MONKEY SERIES 2005 | 87M $2.4M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS CB enters the game with the hapless office employee vs. the legion of monkeys. "Whoopee Cushion" and "Titantic" CAREER BUILDER SURVIVAL SERIES 2007 | 93M $2.6M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS CB ditches the chimps for a jungle-set corporate apocalypse. BUD LIGHT SUPERPOWER SERIES 2008 | 97M $2.7M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Popular comedy series promotes Bud Light's drinkability and superpower capabilties.“Breath Fire","Fly" and "X-Ray Vision" COCA COLA POLAR BEARS 2012 | 111M $3.5M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Coke does the multi-part series, featuring bear fans catching the game in the artic. Coke made two different endings, one outcome for each team depending on who won the game. THE COKE RACE 2013 109M $3.8M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Coke ditches the bears for a surrealist chase story across the desert towards a Coke oasis. With a pre-game teaser, Coke let fans vote for what ending would air at the Super Bowl. UP FOR WHATEVER 2014 | 112M $4M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Bud Light's epic night series starring Reggie Watts, Don Cheadle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and an average Joe. T-Mobile's "No Contract" series with Tim Tebow. 2014's most popular ad according to USA Today's SB Ad Meter Stephen Colbert talks nuts for Wonderful Pistachios. #ITSTHATEASY 2015 | 120M $4.5M VIEWERS PER 30 SECONDS Wix runs a broad campaign with humorous ads showing how former NFL superstars are moving on with their lives. Featuring Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen, and Franco Harris. The company even went so far as to create fake websites and social media profiles. $293,000 LARGEST SPONSOR SUCESSFUL ADVERTISER 8650% #1 on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter 13 out of 26 years. Cost of 30-second Cost increase for a Budweiser is the Super Bowl ad in 1967 (with inflation) Super Bowl's largest ongoing sponsor: 3 4.5 minutes' worth of 30-second superbowl ad since 1967 ad inventory, every year for 26 years visually Your online creative services team SUPER BOWL XLVIII SUPER BOWL XLVI SUPER BOWL XLI SUPER BOWL XXXVI SUPERBOWL XXIII SUPER BOWL VLIX SUPER BOWL XLVII SUPER BOWL XLII SUPER BOWL XXXIX SUPER BOWL XXXII

Owning the Bowl: The History of the Multi-Part Super Bowl Ad

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The Super Bowl is the world's largest TV event and the single biggest advertising opportunity there is. This infographic dives into the history and evolution of the multi-part super bowl ad.



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