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Outdated Electrical Panels

OUTDATED ELECTRICAL PANELS Federal Pacific and Zinsco Defective Manufacturers: Zinsco→ a.k.a Kearney, GTE-Sylvania or Magnetrip Federal Pacific (FPE) Stab-lok® -a.k.a Federal Pacific Electric, Federal Pioneer, Federal NOARC, Federal NOARK Labels In some cases, labels have been Many will have manufacturer's name imprinted in the metal cover or other metal part of the panel. deteriorated and are hard to read. LABEL MANUFACTURER'S NAME Electric Appliances that most people have today: Computer Televisions A stereo system Cell phones Clock Radios, Etc. 2:25 Electric Usage, 1970's VS Today 30 30 60. 60 60 - + *60 120 + 120 1970's: Today: at least 150 amps no more than 60 amps Two old panels that need upgrading FUSE BOX SPLIT-BUS PANELS The precursor to the panel box. A fuse will pop and They do not have a main breaker. have to be replaced when They use smaller breaker that will easily overcurrent or short circuit happened. burnt or melted due to excessive demand. Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panel Boxes 60% FPE They may work fine for years, but after one overcurrent or short circuit, One of the most common manufacturers of panel boxes in North America from the 60% of FPE panels failed to give proper protection. they will overheat and 1950s to the 1980's. become fire hazards. 3 major faults reported: FLAWS DESIGN UPDATED DESIGN FLAWS DEFECT OFPE SAFETY CODE DESIGN FLAWS They may have significant design flaws They may not pass updated safety codes They may have manufacturing defects Zinsco Panel Boxes 25% They fail to operate properly 25% of the time. Its breakers cannot be The problems cannot be seen by the naked eyes. removed from the buss bar. Unsafe amount of electricity in your home will cause fire. The breakers have melted Breakers in this condition so that they've welded together to the buss bar. will be unable to trip and allowing an unsafe amount of electricity flowing into your home. AI OFF Only licensed electricians are allowed to remove They have electrical shock risk, even when they melted breakers. appear to be shut off. 3 major faults reported: FLAWS DESIGN DESIGN FLAWS SMAAS ECT UPDATED SAFETY CODE DEF DEFECT FPE DESIGN They may not pass updated safety codes They may have significant design flaws They may have manufacturing defects RESEARCHSPECIALISTS, INC Insurance Inspections

Outdated Electrical Panels

shared by rsireports on Apr 23
There are some Fuse Box/Breaker panels out there that have a high risk of starting a fire. Is yours one of them?




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