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Origin of the #Hashtag in Social Media

23 23 # # #3 Origins of the Hashtag 23 23 in Social Media # #3 #3 #7# # # #3 Hashtags are now one of the most popular methods for jumping into online topics and conversations. This little punctuation mark has become the face of online tagging. Many people know it as being Which name do you prefer? popularized by Twitter, but where was it before #Number sign #pound #pound sign #hash #crosshatch #hashtag #octothorpe #tictactoe... it made its big break? Life and Growth of the Hashtag Before 1960 1960s The symbol lives a relatively quiet life with limited usage. The symbol enters the tech world to denote telephone numbers. It receives its now-official name "octothorpe" from Bell Laboratories, derived from its eight ends. %23 1978 C# # is first used in C programming language, to be later adopted by other programming languages in 1993 Www. various functions Internet Relay Chat (IRC) #IRC online communication 9/23/2007 systems use # to precede the names of chat groups and topics. Chris Messina" @chrismessina Chris Messina proposes how do you feel about using # (pound) a system similar to IRC's system for tagging and tracking topics on Twitter. for groups. As in #barcamp (msg)? 9/26/2007 主 Three days later, Stowe | calls the # symbol a "hashtag" and the name sticks. Во 2007 THE HASHTAG People using Twitter to get updates on the San Diego fires find the three words difficult to track together. 2009 Messina suggests using hashtags without spaces: #hashtag Popularity is on the rise! The word "hashtag" fırst shows results in Google's #sandiegofires trends tracker. 2009 Twitter officially adopts hashtagging. They hyperlink all tweeted # to Twitter search results for the tagged word. 2010 "Trending Topics" arrive on the Twitter homepage, displaying the current popular hashtags. 2013 Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake create their 2014 hashtag skit for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to parody the misuse and overuse Many social media sites now support the use of hashtags. 23 23 of hashtags. Sites that Support #Hashtagging It's not just Twitter anymore, all these sites support the use of hashtags: K TOUT A ff; Diaspora; Facebook; Flickr; FriendFeed; Gawker Media; GitHub; Google+; Instagram; Kickstarter; Pinterest; Orkut ;Sina Weibo; SoundCloud; Tout; Tumblr; Twitter; Vimeo; Vine; VK... Where are they now? How Hashtags are used today Since their invention, Hashtags have taken on a life of their own. They now have various uses in social media: Conversations: e.g. #projectmanagement Conferences & Events: e.g. This is the standard usage. Talk about a topic and add appropriate labels like #projectmanagement so others interested in the topic can find your post easily. Often used for big news topics in the world. #CMWorld Wish you could talk to every attendee at your conference? Use an event hashtag. Attendees, sponsors, and even people who couldn't make it use the official hashtag to chat and share event updates. Typically event hashtags will work well on Twitter and Instagram pictures. Twitter Chats: e.g. #PMChat Humor or Emphasis: e.g. Hashtags are a convenient way for people to have a conversation on Twitter in real-time. Chat hosts set a specific time and hashtag, then people can participate in a real-time conversation or "listen" as one or more experts provide insight about a specific topic. #TotalTwitterNewbie Typically used to draw attention to how you're feeling or to a humorous, jokey phrase. A popular favorite used when something goes horribly, horribly wrong: "Just accidentally hit 'reply all' on my email. #FAIL". Brand Campaigns: e.g. #crashthesuperbowl Social Activism: e.g. Brands use hashtags to spread awareness of their campaign. Doritos encourages people to create 30-second Doritos ads, Tweet#crash- thesuperbowl, and enter to win the grand prize. A win-win for the brand's PR and the potential #saveourgirls Social activists can start a movement to bring global awareness to their cause, e.g. activists campaigned for the release of captured Nigerian girls and used #saveourgirls on Twitter to get the topic on everyone's radars. victors. Hashtag Etiquette HOT HASH GIRL The prevalent question is: How do we maintain proper hashtag etiquette? For Twitter, most people say that once you have included 2-3 hashtags in your tweet, you have reached your limit. Anything more is just annoying. On the flipside, Instagram pictures frequently include upwards of 10 hashtags, and no one bats an eyelash. Every medium has different social rules, just as different dinner parties require different attire. Don't be that guy (or gal) that shows up to the black tie party in jeans. Do your research before you post and you'll have the most enviable hashtag skills around. Sources: ; Brought to you by did-the-pound-sign-become-a-hashtag/3B Wrike; groupings; Award-winning collaboration and project management software; emergency-coordination-and-disaster-relief/;; Connect with us on Twitter @Wrike the-great-and-the-ugly/ 23 %23

Origin of the #Hashtag in Social Media

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What is the hashtag? Where did it come from? How do you use it? Find out why you keep seeing that little symbol in your feeds with our latest social media #infographic.





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