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Optimizing Your Unsubscribe Process

Optimizing Your UNSUBSCRIBĚ PROCESS ..and reducing your spam complaints COMMON Unsubscribe Request Methods 1-CLICK UNSUBSCRIBE SEND AN EMAIL TO UNSUBSCRIBE MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS PAGE MODIFY DETAILS PAGE DON'T PLAY GAMES WITH THE UNSUBSCRIBE LINK font size Don't make the unsubscribe link too small to read. I think I made a mistake. I muat have sent you something else Click here to stop any notificiations cos I didn't get your response about this? >>CHECK IT HERE! Thanks, 11pt and 12pt font for main text use standard language To Var 8 pt text for unsubscribe and PS. Saaed aheha ythe prsdut MRPudus and al afis peces padutsanalaf Tan Qualtyandhashen Top Sling disclaimer text Way too much space between Use typical words like unsubscribe and opt-out. And double check the spelling (for people who use the search feature. the P.S. and the Pneai s iintan unsubscribe link... Styling the unsubscribe text with a tiny font size makes it hard to find and looks dubious and INCREASES spam complaints substantially. too. much. space. Gimmicks Never Work Pushing the unsubscribe link way down on the page doesn't decrease unsubscribes. It simply increase spam complaints since the SPAM button IS easy to find. If subscribers can't EASILY UNSUBSCRIBE, they're going to click 'spam' instead. SPAM STRIKE A BALANCE You don't want to make it near impossible for someone to unsubscribe from your list, but you also don't want to make it easy to mistake as part of click sequence either. If you have accustomed your subscribers to click the first link the message, don't put your unsubscribe link at the top of the page. Likewise, if you always include a P.S. with a call to action, you may not want to put your unsubscribe link right next to the P.S. People are scanning their emails quickly and often just click links based on placement! UNSUBSCRIBE LINK VS. MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS PAGE • One click unsubscribe automatically removes subscribers from a single list. LINK • One click unsubscribe link removes subscribers from all lists. All or nothing (No options for the actual subscriber). PAGE PROVIDE MORE OPTIONS WITH A MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS PAGE O SATORI METHOD 3 Got questiors? Call 1-512-608-9501 MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION Customize Your Email Preferences Below Oh boy. we sure do apologize if we sent you too many emails or bored you in anyway atall! If so please consider a more convenient subacription from the options below. 2 Stay Connected I didn't mean to leave, I just wondered what that link was for :) 3 Once a Week Just Subscribe me to the Newsletter Tips, Tools and Gifts! 4 Once a Month Just Send Me Your "What We're Loving this Month!" Updates Facebook Page Click here to 'Like' us on Facebook and get Positive Inspiration! Goodbye Unsubscribe: I Have all of the Vitality, Focus & Clarity I Need "Please read the IMPORTANT unsubscribe notice below" YIKES ! - Pease know that if you unsubsevibe yau wa lose al your wdeos and programs including your compimentary 8-courses (and emats for those you pald for too, icluding any upgradest). We also cant send you any more complimentary gifts. So plesse think carefuly befare you say "Gooabys". We iave hoping you LUnbiock your energy and Uniack your tei rutan s Babniee "Linsubacribing on mis page, dioes NOT Cancal membarship programs ar tuitons O Satori Mathod. Al Rights Reserved. Tema | Privacy Polcy |Eamings Disclaimer Salori Melhod Academy | 3738 Bee Cave Road, Sute 1-228, Auslin, TX 78748 | (512) 608-8501 Humor... The "bored" dog adds a pattern interrupt & touch of humor, making the subscriber pause 1 Stay Connected. People often click links and realize 2 after the fact that they've made a mistake One email per week. This is great for a weekly email 3 newsletter or content round up from the past week One email per month. Sending out your top 5 articles and top 5 resources once per month. It's better to have a chance to connect once per month than never again Some people prefer to interact on Social Media. Give 5 them the option to connect with you on Facebook Global Opt-Out to allow subscribers to unsubscribe from 6 all the lists Set expectations - and that by unsubscribing from your marketing, they're not unsubscribed from paid / subscriptions RESOURCES EMAIL DELIVERED 4- LO

Optimizing Your Unsubscribe Process

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Nobody wants to lose subscribers, but having them unsubscribe is much better than having them click the spam button. So make your unsubscribe process simple and easy, and don't worry about losing a su...


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