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Optimal Warehouse Growth

Growth is GOOD! THE OPTIMAL WAREHOUSE GROWTH To designate or AUTOMATE? 80 % Movingto a dedicated work space, away from your home will restore your work-life balance and increase productivity. Pay particular attention to what equipment can be adapted in your next growth phase if you're purcha sing. Beware of legacy equipment which can't be extended onto. Taking advanta ge of a growth industry requires strategic moves. Continuing to designate tasksto sub-ordinates will only last so long. What can be AUTOMATED? Inamet evrymixxdprodct rchase80%of you vT vil omefran206ofsk y 20 % Mobilise your staff. YOU + A MATE • STRUCTURE 60% The time spent by pickers walking to products. TRANSPORT AND STORAGE The ambition of any company is to grow and often it's difficultto know whattargets you're actually chasing. DoitNOW! The hardwark pays off and you're now rewarded with consistent growth inadedicated facility. More and more you're rel ying an the quality of equipment and services supplied to ens ure maximum uptime and po fits. Signage - 3mm alubond is cheap! Update google place listing Insurances - Buil ding - Stock Materials handling equipment WALKIE STACKER This very simple growth chart highlights the key factors in any developing business to help pave the way to faster and more stable expansion. Ideal for working in confined spaces walkie stackers can be used for low to medium height racking with medium weight pallets up to 1.600kg. $ billion г 63 60 57 54 51 L 48 81% ) Warhousing businesses re ported a profit for09-10 T Ask Yourself.. WHATCAN BE AUTOMATED? COUNTERBALA NCE Now that you've got your idea off the ground, start running with this sheet in hand. Ideal for moving heavier pallets to heights upto6-7 met es, counterbalance trucks come in electric and internal combustion IS YOUR SPACE ADAPTVE? 2003-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11 Transport, postal and warehousi ng industry production Cin vo lu me terms) increased by 27% be twe en 2003-04 and 2010-11 A WHAT % OF UTILITIES IS BUSINESS? IC for moving heavier pallets. RESOURCES WHERE Dining Table BUILDING LAYOUT Home or Garage Dedicated Shed 100m? to 300m? Dedicated Warehouse 300m2 or more TYPICAL TOP 5 EXPENSES FOR WAREHOUSING • FOCUS ON SHORT PATHS 11% equipment • GROUP PRODUCTS BY POPULARITY • KEEP COMMON PICKS STORED LOW utilities performance based wages can be dangerous - beware 44% - DEVELOP DEDICATED STOCK RECEIPT - DESPATCH AREAS wages • ADOPT QUALITY CONTROL MANAGEMENT • UTILISE PALLET RACKING FOR DENSE BULK STORAGE shoparound - it's a competitive industry 22% rent •CONSULT WITH AN EXPERT FOR LAYOUT DESIGNS TO OPTIMISE YOUR SPACE AND WORKFLOW. • RE-USE INITIAL SHELVING FOR HAND PICKING SKUS consider how to structure employees 16% • CONSIDER LINE-MARKING AND FOOT TRAFFIC CONTROL taxes elbowroom BIGGER - STRONGER - SAFEÁ

Optimal Warehouse Growth

shared by matterau on Nov 26
The journey of an ambitious young company’s growth. This very simple growth chart highlights the key factors in any developing business to help pave the way to faster and more stable expansion.


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