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Online Shopping Fraud

Avoid ONLINE SHOPPING FRAUD [ Safety guide ] |NYC More and more people love to shop I online - so probably do yoU. It is convenient, fast, and often cheaper than buying offline. BUY NO BLYNOW Globally, eCommerce will grow by 20% in 2014 to US$ 1.5 trillion in total in trillion US$ 20% 2,345 2,043 1,763 1,500 1,248 1,058 ---- ----+--• 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 But also online shopping fraud is growing In 2013 $ 100 bn was lost due to online shopping fraud. Money from you and me | A recent global online shopper study has shown that Every third has experienced credit card fraud within the past five years Every second is very concerned of becoming a victim of financial fraud What about you? Are you afraid as well? No worries. We will show you how to shop online safely in six easy steps. 6 Steps To Avoid Online Shopping Fraud Imagine you have found a super cool product online, which yoU want to buy. You put it in your shopping cart, enter your personal details and you want to click on the buy button. But no! STOP! Sometimes online shopping fraUd is hard to see. So let's go online shopping together! Are you using your private WIFI and your personal computer? No. I'm using public WIFI and/or a public computer. You should better not shop online at the moment. It is not safe. Hackers can get your personal information very easily. Yes. Moreover, my WIFI is secured. I am sure that only people have access, who are allowed to. All right! Let's proceed to step 2 Do you use an updated version of an anti-virus program? Do you clear out cookies regularly? No, I don't. Update your anti-virus program first and clear out cookies. If you don't know how to do it, google it. V Yes, I do. Cood! Let's check out step 3 Have you ever purchased something from this company before? If not, do you know of anyone, who has done so and can assure that you can trust this company? 3 No, I don't. Check out reviews from other costumers at an independent page. It will give you the security you need. v Yes, I do. Awesomel Let's move on to step 4 4 Have you checked the terms & conditions? Have you fully understood them? No, I haven't. Read them carefully. If you are not sure about all details, better not complete the deal. Yes, I have Very good! Let's move on to step 5 Take a look at your check-out web page address. 5 Is this the website you visited in the beginning? No, it is not. You should better stop here. If it's not the same website address, it can be a sign for fraud. http://wwmenep m v Yes, it is. Perfect! You can complete the deal now. Don't forget to log out afterwards. After you have completed the purchase, check your bank account from time to time. Ask your bank to inform you, whenever transactions are made from your account. Well done! Here are some more useful pieces of advice Never reply to emails you don't trust. Delete them! Never give your PIN to anyone. It is your Personal Identification Number. Never trust in offers that are too good to be real. Use strong passwords. If the website uses https, you can be sure that your data is sent safely. Safe payment gateways, such as PayPal can help as well to prevent online shopping fraud. TRUSTED COMPANY.COM Sources: The Guardian, eMarketer, Annual ACI Worldwide Global Fraud Report 2012 ©

Online Shopping Fraud

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Online Shopping Fraud: There are a few simple rules that can help you to stay safe from becoming a victim of online shopping fraud and save a lot of money.


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