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Online Recruiters vs Recruitment Agencies

RECRUITMENT AGENCIES ONLINE RECRUITERS VS HOW DO THEY WORK Online recruitment companies use the Web Recruitment agencies use the same to match candidates to employers. They're methods as online recruiters – but they tend known for efficiency, low cost per hire and to be less cost-effective. Agencies work on client service. Most online recruiters work as behalf of the candidates not the client and an extension of the clients recruitment team. offer no assurance that the role will be filled. SPEED CAMPAIGNS LAST UP TO FOUR WEEKS AVERAGE TIME-TO-FILL IS 32 DAYS Job ads start to get replies after 3 minutes A traditional recruitment agency focuses on online (200 seconds). Clients save time placing the candidate. It doesn't often overall as the recruiter handles scoring, happen, but roles have been known to stay shortlisting and interview arrangements. open for years. COST £350 - £1400 15-35% OF THE SALARY PER CAMPAIGN DEPENDING ON VOLUME (£2,500 at the bottom end for an entry level role, to £40,000+ for chief executive positions) Some online recruiters do not charge for Cost is inflated as agencies compete multiple hires, so you can recruit as many candidates you require from one campaign. amongst themselves, and may put in a lot of work for no fee if they are unsuccessful. SERVICE Some online recruiters have their own online A recruitment consultant is involved with searching and shortlisting only. Then will pass on the CV's to the client. recruitment software, this can be used to manage and score vacancies. The software can also make this process fully transparent and accessible at any time. PROFESSIONALLY COPY WRITING AND PLACING ADVERTS CV SEARCHING CANDIDATE SCORING SHORTLISTING RECRUITMENT TECHNOLOGY BUILDING TALENT POOLS CANDIDATE COMMUNICATION VOLUME COST £ CAMPAIGNS CAMPAIGNS COST High volume companies tend to see more Volume discounts with recruitment agencies benefit from online recruiters due to the are not as great as the expensive placement cost saving of purchasing larger quantities of fee model still applies. Although sometimes campaigns to bring the cost down. the percent fee can be negotiated slightly. QUALITY OF CANDIDATES As online recruiters usually work as As recruitment agencies often just work for recruitment partners, it is within their a client on one off occasions, client 1st interest to ensure that the quality of the satisfaction is not a priority – they work for candidate is high. The longer you work with the candidate even though the client is the an online recruiter the better they will one who pays. understand your roles. Sometimes the speed is emphasised Communication throughout the recruitment because the agency is competing with campaigns is essensial in ensuring that the several others – this results in lower quality candidates are ticking the right boxes. A candidates who are less likely to stay. focused approach means high quality candidates at a more competitive price. SUCCESS RATE BLUE OCTOPUS CLIENT RENEWAL RATE ABOUT 1 in 3 POSITIONS ARE FILLED BY A GOOD AGENCY 86% Online recruiters work to SLAS so the client can be at ease knowing that work is being carried out continuously on the campaign. Agencies do not guarantee placement and By continually tracking the campaign it can you'd be recommended to use several if be adjusted to achieve the best success rate you want to be sure of filling the role. throughout the process. Sources: reer-coach-heres-what-to-look-for-when-using-an-agency-to-find-a-job/2015/01/23/bf87b4 de-a0c1-1le4-9f89-561284a573f8_story.html ship/19/4-four-facts-you-should-know-about-working-with-executive-recruiters Blue Octopus Recruitment data from October 2014 to February 2015 Blue ctopus Recruitment Infographic designed by Blue Octopus, 2015. x X xX*

Online Recruiters vs Recruitment Agencies

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Are you a recruitment dinosaur? It's not as awesome as it sounds. Recruitment agencies have had their day. Like the dinosaur, they're slow, they're outdated, and they've never even heard of web-bas...


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