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Omnichannel Loyalty: The New Customer Connection

OMNICHANNEL LOYALTY The New Customer Connection Omnichannel loyalty (OCL) is an enterprise-level initiative to drive, track, measure and reward incremental behavior throughout the enterprise and customer experience. With omnichannel loyalty, traditional loyalty attrition is reduced, as brand advocates play an enhanced role across the customer lífecycle. Consumers become empowered through a mix of compelling and coordinated cross-channel engagements, as well as truly personalized messaging that delivers more meaningful and relevant brand interactions, and the right reward for the "right" behaviors along the way. The result when executed with precision is a true impact on customer lifetime value (LTV) – the ultimate loyalty metric. WEBSITES EMAIL P.O.S. TWEETS ЦIKES SURVEYS FORUMS BLOGS PURCHASES Big Data refers to the constant incoming information so large it surpasses what typical storage tools can handle. A recent IBM study showed that only about 10% of real-time data being collected is being used effectively by businesses! O BIG DATA O 90% Of Big Data becomes missed opportunities 10%) Of real-time data is actually being utilized Too often marketers fail to incorporate loyalty early enough into the omnichannel "big picture." It isn't about offering a discount, it's about offering someone the right offer at the right time. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES 37% 42% 42% 58% Of businesses surveyed indicated little to no Of businesses defined customer engagement as one of the top 3 objectives for their loyalty campaigns Of businesses created an experience-based campaign vs. a strictly offer-based one Of customers expect a similar experience regardless of the integration of their process in the customer loyalty program channel used DATA ANALYTICS INSIGHTS ACTIONS Modern technology allows us to be at the customers fingertips, and this helps us know the right way to communicate by turning data ALWAYS ADDRESSABLE into insights in real-time. The "Always Addressable Customer then becomes an "OmniEmpowered Member". Consumers become empowered though compelling cross-channel engagement and differentiated through messaging, getting what they want when they want it and being rewarded along the way for the “right" behavior. HOW TO SPOT THEM: 60% 60% MULTIPLE DEVICES Owns & uses at least 3 connected devices 46% FREQUENT ACCESS Goes online multiple times per day 26% (19% MULTIPLE LOCATIONS Uses internet from multiple locations Old Boomers (56-66) Young Boomers (46-55) Gen X (32-45) Gen Z (18-22) Gen Y (23-31) ACQUIRE • GROW O • RETAIN EMPOWER Throughout the entire loyalty lifecycle, from acquisition to empowering advocates, omnichannel loyalty programs are designed to reward and measure incremental behaviors. Customer lifetime value (LTV) is the end goal. DELIVER LIFETIME VALUE 54% 12% 30% 7X A 10% increase in retention means a 30% Of customers consider increasing business with a company for the loyalty rewards Of customers consider ceasing business with a company for lack of loyaltý rewards It costs 7x more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one increase in your company's value! Facebook and Twitter are becoming fully integrated parts of everyday life in modern society. With the help of over 1.08 billion active smartphones in the world, it is clear that loyalty through social media correlates with purchase loyalty. SOCIAL f. 68% (78% 31% 23% Of businesses plan to spend even more in the next year on their social media budgets Of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on a Twitter recommendation Of businesses use Facebook as a Of retail companies feature deals on Twitter marketing tool Like in the social realm, the smartphone is rapidly changing how location-based technology loyalty programs benefit the customer. Marketers can now access a customer's purchase history and offer them specific in-store discounts. LOCAL 38% Of smartphone users who reported interest in receiving promotions based on location There are already 11 million Smart "digital-signs" worldwide helping locate consumers Local offers are predicted to help make $7 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2013 As more people are spending time connected to their mobile devices, an increasing amount of consumers are always available to advertisers. Marketers will always have an audience, it's just about showing the audience something they actually need. MOBILE 52% 491.4 Million smartphones shipped worldwide in 2011 60% 38% 50% 24% 25% 40% Mobile advertising has become a $67 billion dollar industry 30% 20% 85% Mobile ad spending is expected to have increased by 85% in all of 2012 10% CUSTOMERS (Use their mobile to help with WHO: in-store decision Use mobile to call a friend for purchase advice Use mobile to read product reviews Use mobile to compare prices at other retailer Near Field Communication allows loyalty to be tracked and swiped easily through an application on the customer's mobile phone. This improves loyalty by making the customer's experience much easier instead of swiping a loyalty card. NFC 74 30% SCAN Of U.S. mobile users that would upgrade their phone solely for NFC benefits Research shows by 2014, 32.8% of all mobile payments will be through NFC Predictions show that NFC transactions will be a $151.7 billion dollar industry by 2015 The Omnichannel customer remains more loyal, and therefore purchases more, because they receive timely, relevant and individualized content from their favorite brands. PRODUCE RESULTS INCREASE DRIVE REDUCE BUILD NEW BUSINESS NEW SALES ATTRITION LOYALTY ONE SIZE FITS ALL IS OVER ENGAGE AT THE VERY START TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL PLATFORMS MAXIMIZE THE BRAND EXPERIENCE The outgrowth of multi-channel marketing. Marketers are reaching out to their customers across all platforms and mediums, to track data better and ensure the best fit for a particular Similarly, the goal of Omnichannel loyalty is to attract and engage customers at the earliest stages of the shopper experience, happening way before the point of sale. It's a decisive approach to enhancing the overall customer experience by collaborating with teams cross-functionally to break down silos and maximize the loyalty and brand experience. Maximize the overall impact of marketing strategies because the approach is not merely measured by individual campaigns but by a coordinated strategy to take advantage of the cumulative benefits. customer. KOBİE EXPERIENCE LOYALTY Sources: networks-and-blogs-provide-excellent-resear.html?edition=48822#axzz2C8n9vOGe

Omnichannel Loyalty: The New Customer Connection

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Omnichannel loyalty (OCL) is an enterprise-level initiative to drive, track, measure and reward incremental behavior throughout the enterprise and customer experience. With omnichannel loyalty, tr...




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