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Oman Convention Centre

Omran's iconic OCEC project The Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) will serve as a key pivot in developing a thriving meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions industry in the country. The Centre is situated within MASTER PLAN DEVELOPMENT Completion date 2015 2016 2017 2018 IMPACT ON SULTANATE'S ECONOMY A PILLAR IN OMAN'S TOURISM DEVELOPMENT The project, with strategic significance, promises to spawn socio-economic benefits. It will help in creation of direct and indirect jobs, and development of medium and small enterprises. a well organised, fully integrated business precinct and has been designed to accommodate world congresses, exhibitions, regional meetings, banquets, gala events and concerts. It will also include 1,000 hotel rooms and is set to become an iconic landmark for Oman. Road Infrastructure and Utilities (completed) Exhibition Halls, Five star JW Marriott hotel Auditorium, Meeting Rooms and Ballrooms Four star Crowne Business Car Park and Energy Centre DIRECT JOBS CREATION (IN THOUSANDS) Plaza hotel Park 1 99% 94% 73% 17% Business operations Construction Construction Tourism sector sector sector 14 LOCATION AND CHARACTERISTICS Located in the Hayy Al Irfan district, four kilometres from Muscat International Airport, WADI PARK EXHIBITION HALLS Shade trees Fruit trees Feature trees Wadi trees Date folding walls palm 24,000 and overlooks a nature reserve and wadi. All the precinct is split by a Wadi which will be a perfect place for exotic bird life A Dam will allow to have a lagoon in the middle of the complex surrounded by the different tree species. Include 22,000 square metres of column-free exhibition space, divisible into five separate halls. Total Area (Square meters) 12 Each Hall is 1,690,000 around 4,800 sqm divided by a vertically folding direct and indirect jobs to be generated Wadi Kabir • Olive • Lemon tree • Pomergranate • Common fig • Crape myrtle • Indian Beech • Java Cassia. • Pink Shower Halls l and 2 have specialised acoustics plus advanced lighting and rigging to serve as a multi- purpose space for plenary sessions, concerts, performances, and gala events for up to 10,000. • Brazilian Pepper • Indian Lilac • Lebbek tree • Savannah Oak • Acacia Arabica • Frankinsense Tree • Mexican Palo Verde partitions, which allows to modify the capacity of the building Muttrah Ruwi 7.5 Darsait MUSCAT 6 6 Qurum Madinat Sultan Qaboos 5.5 SCAN THIS TO INSTANTLY LOCATE THE PROJECT IN YOUR PHONE То 4 Al Kuwair From OCEC to: 4 4 4 Ghala Al Ansab Gubrah Muttrah • 28 km Corniche Al Azaiba OMAN CONVENTION & From EXHIBITION CENTRE Parking Sea of Oman YEAR 2013 2015 2017 2020 2025 2030 All LED Street lights for all internal roads is a first in Grand and Muscat International Airport Junior Ballrooms Energy Centre Oman. To Nizwa Qurum • 18.9 km R/A Auditorium 12 11 17 32 32 32 Omani OCEC limits JW Marriott Hotel (300 rooms) Outdoor exhibition space 12,000 sqm, the concourse has floor to ceiling windows that look out over Muscat and Sea of Oman. (carpark is dropped down for uninterrupted views) Hall 1 Al Khuwair 12 km R/A East Bank Hotel apartments Hall 2 Exhibition Halls NORTH Meeting Hall 3 Expats Seeb rooms 88 89 83 68 68 68 Grand • 7.5 km Mosque Hall 4 5km Concourse Hall 5 Airport • 4 km Wadi Park OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES Outdoor Exhibition Garden Potential is measured by assessing the opportunity size, number of jobs created and quality of jobs Helicopter Pad 4-star Hotel 3-star Hotel • Highest potential O Medium potential • Lowest potential ... Exhibition Hospitality Business halls Mall Truck Marshalling yard Park Facility management To Muscat -> Express Highway Event management Multi- storey Car park Crowne Plaza Hotel (296 rooms) Printing & Stationery - To Muscat International Airport 4,200 Dam Retail Shops Cars Taxi/Limo services Maintenance & operations West Bank Hotel apartments Marketing Firm Stand Design Nocturnal view Restaurants, Coffe shops The roof structure allows the output of the inner light Travel Agents AUDITORIUM Security IT Services The focus of the OCEC will be the auditorium, Equipment Rental Retail Mall Catering Services a 3,200-seat tiered theatre Roof Postage & Courier NORTH Tourism/Sightseeing Wadi bridge Entertainment services Car Rentals Adventure Centres 100m Convenience Services Business Park 1 Food Supply Legal Firms Set over three levels with Fitness Centre advanced projection and riggings, orchestra pit and acoustic systems SULTAN QABOOS ROSE Shop Design Shop Fit-Out The Retail Mall will be The identity for the OCEC is based on the roof design Clinics strategically located adjacent to the convention & exhibition of the auditorium. Logistic Services centre. It includes the first IKEA store in Muscat and other global brands. It will also include a food Al Jama Al Akhbar St. Business Park 2 Screen court complex. Annual direct GDP contribution 150 Stairs (OR Millions) Levels RUSINESS PARK Set on an area of 40 hectares, will offer around 100,000 square meters of office space Stage Stairs 130 112 105 100 Designed to attract world-class entertainers and performers, while also catering for international congress delegations. It is an interpretation of the Sultan Qaboos Rose, the image is a graphic intricate symbol, reminiscent of arabesque artwork which has a strong and obvious tie-in to the building itself 80 85 To Bank Muscat roundabout -→ 80 60 200-240 Interior view To 20 million Rial annual contribution to Oman GDP by 2030 Auditorium foyer From 15 2013 2015 2017 2020 2025 2030 A discovered rose has been named SUSTAINABILITY By sector after him, to be known as 'Sultan Qaboos Rose'. It is an initiative of the World Rose Society (based in the Netherlands) in recognition of His Majesty's personal contribution for the progress and welfare of his people. 100 Buildings are designed to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sustainability standard. 86 % Treated sewage effluent is being used for plant irrigation and for the cooling tower water makeup. Solar heating will power the industrial kitchen hot water supply, and measures have been introduced to make sure final capacity ofthe District Cooling Plant to be built in 3 refrigeration phases to meet the phased completion of the precinct. 35,000 44 tons buildings are reflective and well-insulated. Construction 46 42 5 Business ..... CONVENTION CENTRE Meeting rooms (14) 38 33 37 41 Building Name Grand Ballroom Junior Ballroom Exhibition Halls: ТОTAL DIMENSIONS & CAPACITY Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4 Hall 5 Auditorium 2,590 1,120 1,520 5,490 4,730 4,730 4,730 5,490 3,200 33,600 Tourism Buildings for conventions and events have an enormous capacity and space efficient distribution, the numbers here are not including hotels, Business Park buildings and shopping mall Capacity 900 910 780 RENT 8 13 12 11 Hall A Hall B Hall C Real Estate 31,769 6 Square meters 5 Convention 720 730 630 900 1,490 4,880 4,210 4,210 4,210 4,880 4,909 Centre .... .... Source: OMRAN, Oman Convention & Exhibition Center reports, Booz & Company analysis T Graphics

Oman Convention Centre

shared by marcelod on Sep 27
One of the pillars of tourism development in the Sultanate of Oman is this mega complex, it will cover all the needs for business envents.


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